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Potential for Heavy Rainfall this Weekend

The National Weather Service (NWS) says that Houston and surrounding areas can expect to see locally heavy rainfall throughout the area beginning Friday and lasting through the weekend, with the possibility of strong thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes as storms move through our area.

Rainfall totals are forecast to be anywhere from 2-4 inches across the area and up to 10 inches in localized areas over the next three days.

Areas that experience heavy rain in a short period of time may have street flooding and flash flooding in low-lying areas.

Steps to Take

Ahead of the arrival of this storm, Houston residents should be prepared for Tornadoes, and Flash Flooding

Residents can be prepared for severe weather by:

  • Ensuring they stay up-to-date with changing conditions
  • Making sure emergency alerts are enabled on their mobile devices
  • Setting their NOAA Weather Radios to “Alert” mode
  • Begin planning for the impact of flash flooding, which may mean delaying or canceling outdoor activities.

If a Flash Flood Warning is issued for your area, avoid bayous/streams and creeks, and delay traveling until the threat has passed. Remember, it only take a few inches of water to float a vehicle, and most flood-related deaths happen on roadways. ¬†When you see water on the road, Turn Around, Don’t Drown (R).

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