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OEM: Damage Reports Needed for FEMA Assistance

FEMA Individual Disaster Assistance Funds only available if enough damages are reported

by Walker County News Today staff

The Walker County Office of Emergency Management is requesting that residents of Walker County contact their office with information about property damage resulting from Hurricane Harvey.

Why do they need this information?   Walker County has to show at least 20 homes with major damage or destroyed homes before FEMA Individual Disaster Assistance will be given in Walker County.

Here is how FEMA classifies damage to homes:

  • Affected – 6” or less of water in house
  • Minor Damage – 1’-2’ water in house
  • Moderate Damage – 2’-4’ water in house
  • Major Damage – 6’ or more of water in house or roof blown off
  • Destroyed –  a house completely destroyed

What information is being requested?  OEM staff will ask residents about the type of damage to the home and whether or not the homeowner has insurance.

What happens to the information?  If the home is located within the city of Huntsville, that information is shared with the city.  The city and the county each have different FEMA filings.  The OEM is compiling countywide data for submission of a Disaster Summary Outline to the state.

How can I report my homes’ damage to OEM?  Call the Office of Emergency Management at 936-435-8035 from 9:00AM – 4:00PM to report damage or with any questions.

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