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New Generation of Firefighters stepping up to the plate

New Waverly Fire Department’s latest crop of recruits keeping up the department’s long-standing tradition as a starting point for a career in the fire service.

by Jimmy Williams

ON THE SAME DAY that he received notification that he had passed his certification test, the State’s newest certified firefighter and New Waverly recruit Daniel Mature was called to his first structure fire working the nozzle on the first line to enter the burning home. Under the tutelage of a veteran firefighter, he quickly extinguished the fire before it could spread beyond the room where it began.

Meanwhile, Ethan Hardy, another recently certified Firefighter, “caught” his first fire hydrant to supply the water for the firefighting operation. Deputy Constable Mark Moscinski was nearby at a Jr. High athletic event and assisted FF. Hardy by diverting traffic away from the 5” water supply line. FF. Hardy just started his career this week as a full-time firefighter with the Huntsville Fire Department.

New Waverly Firefighters Shane Gehovak and Cyle Metz recently signed up as recruits while they were attending the fire academy in hopes of pursuing a career in the fire service. FF. Gehovak was on his way home from orientation at the South Montgomery County Fire Department, where he has just been hired as a FF/EMT for that top rated organization near The Woodlands. Both he and FF. Metz responded to the scene and assisted with clean-up operations. Jacob French, another recent recruit, also responded to the scene, carrying on a family tradition in the fire service. His grandfather served many years as the Chief of the Huntsville Fire Department, and his father still serves there today. All five of these new recruits are serving as New Waverly firefighters, working alongside and learning from other fire service veterans, as they look forward to a future of service.

The New Waverly Fire Department has served the community for nearly 70 years, and during that time, many of its members have gone on to careers in fire departments across the state. A number of New Waverly Firefighters are now serving full time in the Houston Fire Department, while others work for departments across Southeast Texas. While their careers have moved forward, these Firefighters give back to the community, working part time as firefighters for the New Waverly Fire Department. This allows the NWFD to provide the best possible service while keeping costs low.

New Waverly Firefighters respond to over 1000 calls for service each year, with approximately 70% of those for medical emergencies and rescue calls. The Department staffs two stations each day with trained FF/Paramedics and EMTs, bringing their extensive training and experience to serve the citizens of Walker County ESD #2. They work together with a hand-picked crew of Volunteer Firefighters to respond from four stations located throughout the Emergency Services District.

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