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Huntsville Smoke Survey Scheduled for Monday

by City of Huntsville staff

The City of Huntsville Wastewater Division will be conducting a sewer survey between 8 and 11 a.m. Monday, October 1, from the intersection of University Avenue and 14th Street to the intersection of University Avenue and 17th Street.

The affected area will include sewer rights-of-way running north and south along University Avenue. Smoke will likely travel east and west at 14th and 16th Streets. The survey should take less than three hours to complete.

Residents and businesses in the surrounding areas should be aware that smoke will be pumped into the sewer system. Smoke may be seen blowing out of roof vents, sewer manhole covers, open or defective cleanouts, and drainage ditches.

The smoke is non-toxic and will completely disperse within minutes of testing.

To avoid having smoke enter a home during the test, residents should make sure all appliance hook-ups are fitted and that plumbing is working properly. If smoke is detected coming from a toilet, sink, or washroom, call a plumber and the City immediately at 936-294-5700.

The City of Huntsville will notify the fire and police departments before smoke testing begins.

For more information, call the City’s Wastewater Division at 936-294-5763.

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  1. The obvious purpose is to attempt to deny liability for the almost total destruction of our Children’s Museum by it being filled with human feces.

    The City insurance company told me that the City had immunity and that the only way that the City would be liable for the destruction via perhaps thousands of gallons of raw sewerage would be if the City took a truck full of feces and intentionally pumped it into our museum.

    The corruption at City Hall cannot go unnoticed since the City fails to clear out its lines before thousands of students descend onto 4 story dorms just above our museum and flush their toilets into stopped up main lines which thus backed them into our museum.

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