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Huntsville Sewer Smoke Survey Planned

The City of Huntsville Engineering Department will be conducting a sewer survey throughout the southeast portion of Huntsville beginning Thursday, January 18. Residents and businesses in the surrounding areas should be aware that smoke will be introduced into the sewer system. You may see smoke blowing out of roof vents, sewer manhole covers, open/defective cleanouts, and drainage ditches.

The smoke is nontoxic and will completely dissipate within minutes of testing.

To avoid having smoke enter your home during the test, please make sure all appliance hook-ups are fitted and that plumbing is working properly. If smoke is detected coming from your toilet, sink, or washroom, call a plumber immediately to resolve the issue.

The City of Huntsville will notify the fire and police departments before smoke testing begins.

The testing is expected to take several days, and will begin Thursday, January 18. Crews will move in a north to northwest direction.

For more information, call the City’s Engineering Department at 936-294-5794.

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