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Huntsville PD Investigating Auto Thefts

The Huntsville Police Department is currently investigating three cases involving the theft or attempted theft of pickups.  This follows investigations into the theft or attempted theft of up to 16 pickups in the last several months of 2016.  The majority of the thefts have involved diesel pickups and have occurred in apartment complexes.  It has been revealed during the investigations that the suspects have stolen trucks that were left both locked and unlocked.

HPD is asking the community for assistance in this investigation.  If someone has information regarding these thefts, they ask that you contact the Huntsville Police Department or Crime Stoppers.  If citizens observe suspicious activity they should call 911.  Additionally, they ask that the owners of all vehicles park their vehicles in well-lit areas and remove all property from the vehicle before leaving the vehicle unattended.  Also citizens should be sure they lock their vehicles’ doors and activate any other security devices on the vehicle when leaving it unattended.

Information provided by Huntsville Police Department

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