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Huntsville Mayors’ Challenge Issued

City of Huntsville, Texas, Mayor Andy Brauninger is taking part in a friendly competition with the Mayor of Fargo, North Dakota, Dr. Tim Mahoney.

“We issued a challenge to Mayor Mahoney on Monday, that the losing team’s Mayor will wear the team jersey of the winning team at the next City Council meeting following the game,” Brauninger said. “I know the Bearkats will play their best this week and we look forward to selecting Mayor Mahoney’s outfit,” Brauninger offered good-naturedly.

The Sam Houston State University Bearkats will take on the North Dakota State Bison in Fargo on Friday, December 15, at 7:00 p.m. CST, in a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) semifinal game. The winner earns a berth at the FCS Championship Game in Frisco. This Friday’s game is set to be shown on ESPN2.

“I am excited to welcome SHSU’s players, coaches, and fans to Fargo this weekend, along with Sammy Bearkat. I’m pleased to join Huntsville Mayor Brauninger in this friendly challenge. While it will be quite a battle on the field, I remain confident in the strength of the Herd and our beloved Thundar,” Mahoney said. “I’m looking forward to seeing Mayor Brauninger in the green and yellow of North Dakota State during his next council meeting. The march is on!”

Mayor Brauninger regrets not being able to attend this week’s game and meet Mayor Mahoney in person to share the excitement of the game.

“We are sending Huntsville’s warm welcome to the Mayor, the Fargo City Council, and the people of Fargo,” said Brauninger. “I hope they’ll come see us sometime and let us show them some Texas hospitality. In the meantime, let’s Grow the Growl!”

For more information, contact the City of Huntsville at CitySecretary@HuntsvilleTX.gov or the City of Fargo at GSchildberger@FargoND.gov.

Information courtesy of City of Huntsville

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  1. George H. Russell

    Pathetic that the spineless mayor cannot think of anything more positive to waste his time on.

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