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HPD Special Needs Registry Updates Being Sought

The Huntsville Police Department (HPD) is updating its Special Needs Registry to better protect and serve the community. The Registryassists officers who are called out to find or help relocate a lost senior citizen or dependent person.

Residents, whether a family member or caregiver, are asked to sign up any individual that is disabled or has a medical condition. Special needs adults may also enroll themselves.

HPD Senior Officer Ryann Kaaa-Bauer said basic details are needed such as personal information, medical information, emergency contact numbers for relatives, and a photograph of the registrant.

“We hope to have faster action times in reuniting these individuals with their loved ones and care givers. There are many in the community who are elderly or have a medical condition that we are not aware of,” said Kaaa-Bauer. “By having information in advance, we can educate our officers and other first responders on how to better serve our residents. Maybe someone has a rare illness and we are unsure of what to look for or how to respond; this program will help tremendously in alleviating such difficult situations.”

She added that all information will remain confidential and will only be accessed by law enforcement to locate or return a loved one.

“These individuals can experience a long wait while the officers attempt to identify them and their homes,” said Kaaa-Bauer. “Being listed greatly aids the police department, as well as other first responders, should somebody with Alzheimer’s or special needs be missed or found by the police, and not be able to provide information.”

Citizens should submit completed Special Needs Registry forms to the Huntsville Police Department, 1220 11th Street, Huntsville, Texas, 77340. The forms can be found at www.HuntsvilleTX.gov/SpecialNeedsRegistry or can be picked up at the department from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Have questions or would like more information about the program?

Contact Senior Officer Kaaa-Bauer at RKaaa@HuntsvilleTX.gov or 936-291-5493.

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