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Genealogy Winter Lock-In Set

Avid genealogists will have an opportunity to spend a day locked in the Huntsville Public Library to dig deeper into family history.

The Walker County Genealogical Society is hosting their annual Genealogy Winter Lock-In from 12:30 to 6 p.m. on Sunday, February 18. Beginners and longtime researchers are invited.

“The Lock-In began about 25 years ago after I read about a Missouri library conducting a similar event,” said Master Genealogist Johnnie Jo Dickenson. “Judy Hunter, our former librarian, loved the idea. It began as a Friday event and quickly evolved into something more.”

Dickenson said the Society will be furnishing a light lunch for guests. The featured presentation will be a review of donations received from Montgomery County Library and more.

“There isn’t a structured program for the day. There will be an opportunity for digital investigation in the computer lab without interruption,” Dickenson said. “We see this as a chance for the Society to help others. Exchanging ideas and tips when researching family history can make all the difference.”

Society members will be available to assist in all areas of research. Guests are encouraged to bring all paperwork to review.

Register online at myhuntsvillelibrary.com or contact Mary Kokot, Adult Services Coordinator, at 936-291-5471 for more information.

Information courtesy of City of Huntsville

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