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SHSU Department of Biological Sciences Celebrates Earth Day With BioBlitz Event

By Brooke Carson


The Department of Biological Sciences at Sam Houston State University will host its first Bioblitz community event on Sat., April 21 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Center for Biological Field Studies. Taking place the same weekend as Earth Day, the free event is open to the public and will feature unique outdoor activities for all ages.


The focus of BioBlitz is to document and preserve wildlife, in addition to exploring and collecting a variety of biological life found in the region’s ecosystem within the East Texas piney woods of Huntsville. 


“I am really excited to host our first BioBlitz and I hope it becomes an annual event. I’m also pleased to welcome guests from the community and show them the biodiversity we have at the field station and to teach and inspire up-and-coming generations of scientists,” said Sibyl Bucheli, associate professor of Entomology at SHSU.


The BioBlitz event will include guided tours from SHSU’s own biology experts and tent activities where the public can enjoy interacting with organisms while learning and discussing how to protect the ecosystem.


Activities for BioBlitz will include guided tours every 30 minutes to an hour, live specimen collection & preservation, build-a-birds nest, BioBlitz hoopla, worm wrangling, sweep-netting and more.


BioBlitz at SHSU is sponsored by the College of Science and Engineering and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.


SHSU’s Center for Biological Field Studies is located at 1866 Fish Hatchery Road in Huntsville, Texas.


For more information, contact Sibyl Bucheli at srb009@shsu.edu or Diane Neudorf at bio_dln@shsu.edu

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  1. George H. Russell

    What nonsense!!! “Collecting” wildlife is wrong and totally irresponsible. The Ethician Foundation owns or manages over 3,000 acres of the most diverse wildlife habitat in Texas and we do NOT allow the collection of any of our rare species. Collecting is unethical and irresponsible.

    For example, we have the world’s largest population of the rarest orchid in North America. Collectors would destroy the entire population if allowed to.

    I find the theme of “Bioblitz” to be wrong and anti-biological protection and preservation.

    Our Ethician Institute for Strategic Biospheric Studies Conference and Field Station is ACTUALLY INVOLVED in the preservation and protection of our biosphere.

    We would be happy to work positively with the college but so far we are disturbed by the lack of promotion of actual preservation and protection of our endangered biosphere.

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