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Computer Classes Offered at Huntsville Public Library

Huntsville Public Library to offer basic computer classes at no charge

In today’s world, computers have become a basic need in everyday life. From emails to calendars, computer skills are needed to get through life.

The Huntsville Public Library is offering free, basic computer skills classes to help the public meet their everyday need. Classes will be held on Tuesdays or Fridays from 10 to 11 a.m. or on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.  January 3rd through March 31st.

Classes will feature activities on how to use a mouse, typing, web-based email and internet browsing.

“We realize that there are still a selection of our general public that struggles to understand the basic skills of using a computer,” Tech Coordinator Ashley Newsome said. “So we are offering services to those who need the help. We are happy to go as slow or as fast as needed. The world involves using a lot of Microsoft products, like Word and Excel. We are teaching the basic skills needed to use these programs.”

Huntsville Public Library boasts an inventory of 30 public use computers for adults, two teen computers, eight children’s computers and seven genealogy computers, as well as a handful of laptops.

“Patrons like the hands-on learning environment,” Newsome said. “I am teaching them at their own pace with one-on-one help if they have a question.”

These resources make it possible for patrons to access emails, search the internet, complete homework or job searching needs, and a world of other possibilities.

“We feel that learning doesn’t have to be limited,” Assistant City Librarian Anne Sparks said. “We want to provide the public with the services they need to continue to learn, whether it is a new language or a certification for advancement at work. Our staff is dedicated to helping our patrons, from finding a book on a shelf to finding ways to improve themselves with classes.”

HPL’s mission is to provide the resources, classes and connections to educate and empower our community.

Registration started Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016, and class size are limited. Patrons must be registered to take the class. Register online at myhuntsvillelibrary.com or at the Tech Reference Desk at HPL. For more information, stop by the library or call 936-291-5472 to speak with a tech coordinator.

Information courtesy of Huntsville Public Library staff.

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