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Citizen Tip Leads to Burglary Arrest by WCSO

by Walker County Sheriff’s Office

On Monday, January 23, 2017 the Walker County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a burglary call off of FM 980 East.  The complainant stated that an unknown suspect had entered her property and taken a couple of small tools along with camping items from a storage building on the property.  While the Sheriff’s Office continued the investigation, the complainant also reported that there were personal items missing from inside the residence as well.

On Friday, January 27, 2017 an alert citizen reported an unknown white passenger car at a residence.  With this information Detective T Bean with the WCSO was able to identify Tommy Niderhofer as the occupant of the vehicle.  After further investigation, the Sheriff’s Office found that Niderhofer had pawned and/or sold multiple items that were stolen in the January 23rd burglary including items that had the victims’ names engraved on them.

On Friday, February 3rd the WCSO obtained an arrest warrant for Tommy Niderhofer after recovering approximately $2,000 worth of property that was stolen and had been pawned and/or sold by Niderhofer.  Tommy Niderhofer is currently being held at the Walker County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

Sheriff McRae would like to commend the citizen that reported the suspicious activity that resulted in the arrest of this person, and would also like to remind others that if you see something suspicious please report it immediately.


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  1. George H. Russell

    I am livid with rage against the malfeasance of the WCSO. The day that we purchased the Oliver Brothers sawmill to serve as an Ethician Foundation Museum we purchased a very expensive piece of equipment and placed game cameras to record any intrusions by criminals.

    That very night a man broke into our buildings and was photographed. Our new multi-thousand dollar machine was missing.

    We identified the perp via photos and face book at TOMMY NIDERHOFFER. We discovered where he lived and where he worked and informed the WCSO the next morning an hour of so after we discovered the break-in and theft.


    After the WCSO refused to do anything I finally got a detective to question the guy. He said that Niderhoffer told him that he broke into the main building to try to find his W-2 since he had worked at the saw mill in the past. The detective believed this nonsense and when I went to the Sheriff’s office after not even fingerprints were taken from one machine that had been left behind, the detective allegedly on the case said: “So what. It wasn’t a murder”.

    For over 40 years George Russell has been repeatedly robbed and my properties vandalized yet the Sheriff, HPD and the DA has steadfastly refused to even demand that the known and documented perps even make restitution.

    HPD Broderick Davis has a history of hi-fiving Hood rats in the process of stealing and have allowed them to continue their thefts and more recently my Security Man called the police about a break-in on one of our museum properties and Broderick Davis picked the perps up and let them out in the hood rather than taking them to jail.

    The corruption in HPD and the WCSO is beyond belief unless one happens to be a member of the ‘RULING CLASS”.

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