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Changes to City of Huntsville Animal Control

Shelter no longer accepting animals from Huntsville Animal Control.

As many people in Huntsville and Walker County are aware, the Rita B. Huff Humane Society Board of Directors has made a conscious decision to place more energy and resources on adoptions. As a result of limited capacity at their current facility and in an attempt to serve the growing Walker County and Huntsville community, they have simply run out of space.

Last week, the City was notified by the Rita B. Huff Humane Society that they are no longer able to accept animals picked up by the City’s Animal Control division. City staff is presently looking for animal shelters in the region who may be able to take the animals picked up here. Although the City will continue to explore opportunities, it does not look optimistic at this point that there will be a nearby entity who is willing to accommodate the (on average) ten animals/week that were previously taken to the shelter by Animal Control.

For the foreseeable future, residents should call 911 in the event of a dangerous animal situation and/or if the occasion warrants it. The City continues to seek a solution to the situation in which it has been placed and will continue to inform the citizens of any changes. For non-emergency animal control questions, please call 936-291-5480.

Information provided by City of Huntsville.

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  1. The Gibbs Mafia led by Mac “Gibbs” Woodward has destroyed our ability to take care of stray and unwanted animals.

    I offered $10,000 to use the old PERFECTLY GOOD OLD JAIL to house animals and allow convicts to take care of them.

    The IDIOTS that run Huntsville, virtually all of whom are under GIBBS MAFIA CONTROL refuse to use any common sense at all.

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