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Restaurant Inspections – May 2015

City of Huntsville Health Department Routine Health Inspections for May 2015


1.  Asian Star   ( 1523 Normal Park #A)      Score: 22

  • Improper cooling
  • Improper cold hold
  • Cook with fingernails too long and needs to be trimmed.
  • Tongs are needed for lemons.
  • Dead fly observed inside bamboo, double stacking of ready-to-eat foods inside prep cooler and raw eggs sitting above broccoli inside walk-in cooler.

2.  Eclectic Studio & Gallery    (1211 19th Street)    Shceore: 10

  • Improper date marking
  • Sanitizer tested too strong
  • Thermometer needed for freezer

3.  Good Shepard Mission     (1005 MLK)     Score: 17

  • Expired sour cream, milk, miracle whip, turkey and bacon pulled for coolers.
  • Improper date marking
  • Pest control is needed
  • Equipment inside kitchen should be in good repair.
  • Broken thermometer inside reach-in cooler needs replaced.

4.  H.E.B. Grocery     (2304 Sam Houston)     Score: 9

  • Improper cold hold
  • Expired yogurt pulled from display cooler

5.  Hartz Chicken Buffet     (3020 Hwy 30)     Score: 36

  • Improper cooling
  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper hot hold
  • Multiple open drinks observed inside kitchen area.
  • Condensation leak inside walk-in cooler, raw eggs sitting above jello inside walk-in cooler.
  • Improper use of time sitting out at room temperature.
  • Handsink inaccessible for proper handwashing
  • Multiple flies observed inside kitchen.
  • Improper wash, rinse, sanitizer procedure for dishwashing.

6.  Highway Food Store     (269 Hwy 75 North)     Score: 13

  • Expired bacon, bologna, shredded cheese and chocolate milk inside walk-in cooler.
  • No soap provided at handsink for handwashing
  • No sanitizer available for proper cleaning of counter tops.
  • Soda rims and coffee nozzles need to be cleaned and sanitized.

7.  Humphrey’s Bar & Grill     (1930 Sam Houston)     Score: 39

  • Improper cooling
  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper hot hold
  • Waitress with long hair needs to be restrained properly.
  • Improper date marking.
  • Improper labeling of chemicals.
  • 3 compartment sink sanitizer tested too weak.
  • 1 inch air gap is needed for plumbing leading into floor drain, pizza cooler drain line must be properly plumbed to prevent water running on floor.
  • Reminder and disclosure is needed on menus for raw or undercooked product.

8.  Huntsville Exxon     (558 I-45 South)     Score: 6

  • 3 compartment sink sanitizer tested too strong.
  • Plumbing disconnected from grease trap and lid is rusted and not sealed properly.

9.  Jack-In-The-Box #1     (2251 Sam Houston)     Score: 9

  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper use of time on sliced tomato

10.  Jack-In-The-Box #2     (3005 Hwy 30 West)     Score: 9

  • Thermometer is needed inside cooler and freezer.
  • Broken warmer drawer needs to be replaced
  • 2015 Health Permit needs to be posted for public view.


11.  La Mexicana Super Mark Deli     (2703 Sam Houston)       Score: 30

  • Improper cooling
  • Improper cold hold
  • Expired Yogurt Smoothie pulled from reachin cooler
  • Raw eggs sitting above lettuce and shredded cheese inside cooler.
  • No paper towels provided at handsink.
  • Sanitizer spray bottle tested too weak
  • No thermometer available inside deli prep cooler
  • Dirty knife stored inside meat market display cooler.

12.  La Mexicana Taqueria #2     (269 75 North #B&C)     Score:  21

  • Improper cooling
  • Improper cold hold
  • Open employee drink on prep table and inside cooler.
  • Expired pork and cactus inside cooler.
  • Sanitizer tested too weak

13.  Ms. Michele’s Dinner     (500 I-45 North)     Score: 13

  • Expired steaks with discoloration pulled from reach-in cooler
  • All chemical spray bottles must be labeled with chemical name.
  • Thermometer is needed for reach-in freezer
  • Reminder and Disclosure statement is needed on menus for undercooked raw foods.

14.  Mayflower Bakery     (1306 Sam Houston #B)     Score: 10

  • Toxic items stored with food utensils and product.
  • No sanitizer available at front prep area.
  • Soda nozzles need to be cleaned and sanitized.

15.  Potato Shack     (2220 Ave I)     Score: 3

  • Sanitizer bucket tested too weak

16.  S&S Express     (3003 Sam Houston)     Score: 5

  • Improper cold hold

17.  S.H.S.U. Einsteins Bagels C-Store     (1802 Ave. I)     Sc ore: 0

  • No critical violations observed

18.  S.H.S.U. Old Main Market     (1001 Bearkat Blvd.)     Score: 8

  • Expired pepperoni inside walk-in cooler
  • Improper use of a handsink

19.  S.H.S.U. Sushic      (2008 Ave. J)     Score: 10

  • Improper date marking
  • No towel sanitizer available in prep area.
  • No Certified Food Manager available.

20.  Taco Bell #2      (129 I-45 South)     Score: 6

  • No soap available at handsink
  • Melted slicer utensil needs to be replaced and slicer with food debris needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

21.  Target      (259 I-45 South)      Score: 3

  • Sanitizer at 3 compartment sink tested too weak.

22.  Toasted      (1932 Sam Houston)      Score: 45

  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper hot hold
  • Open employee drink inside kitchen
  • Expired Buttermilk inside walk-in cooler
  • Cook without gloves with handling ready-tofoods and no tongs available for lemons at bar.
  • Employee personal items stored on top of clean dishes, open container of creamer stored inside ice bin for customer consumption
  • Improper date marking.
  • Handsink is needed inside bar area for proper employee handwashing.
  • All chemical spray bottles must be labeled with chemical name.
  • Certified Food Manager is needed.
  • Dishwasher installed with out proper permits or inspection, one inch air gap is needed under 3 compartment sink and the grease trap needs to be cleaned.
  • Waffle grill broken and needs replaced, clean dishes with food debris need to be rewashed, soda gun, can opener and ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

23.  Tokyo Grill & Sushi      (2019 Sam Houston)      Score: 7

  • Personal clothing stored on top of sugar container.
  • Ice scoop should be stored in sanitary manner and broken bento boxes need to be replaced.

24.  Valero #588      (2904 11th Street)      Score: 10

  • Improper use of a handsink, handsink is for handwashing only.
  • Evidence of live spider and gnats
  • Storage container for hotdog tongs needs to be cleaned and soda nozzles need to be cleaned and sanitized

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