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Restaurant Inspections for March 2016

City of Huntsville Routine Health Inspections for March 2016


1. Adamick Concession                                      Score: 3
13 Forest Dr.

  • Ice must be obtained from an approved source

2. Boys Baseball Concessions                         Score: 3
448 SH 75 North #B

  • Dented cans pulled from shelf.

3. Brookshire Bros. Meat Market                 Score: 6
2601 11th St

  • Expired food and damaged packaged of hot dogs
  • Improper cold hold

4. Buffalo Wild Wings                                        Score: 8
203 S. I-45

  • Cutting board needs to be sanded down and cleaned.
  • Multiple gnats observed inside kitchen/prep area.
  • Open employee drink stored on top of shelf inside prep area.
  • Cooks must be provided with hair net to prevent any cross-contamination
  • Employee cell phone sitting on top of cutting board. Personal items must be stored properly.
  • Improper cold hold

5. Burger King                                                       Score: 7
107 IH-45 South

  • Improper cold hold
  • Milk shake product and container stored on floor inside walk-in cooler.
  • Employee with long false nails are not permitted and gloves should be used.

6. Carriage Inn                                                     Score: 5
2805 Lake Rd.

  • Sanitizer must be available before prep starts
  • Paper towels must be available at all times at handsinks

7. Cellar Wine Lounge, The                             Score: 10
1320 Windsor

  • Improper cold hold
  • Sanitizer tested too strong
  • Thermometer is needed to be calibrated

8. Chill Out Shaved Ice                                         Score: 3
402 11th St

  • Sanitizer tested too strong

9. Church Bar B-Que                                              Score: 10
2601 Montgomery Rd.

  • Bucket of pickles stored on the floor andmust be stored properly to prevent any crosscontamination
  • Sanitizer tested too strong
  • Product held longer than 24 hours must show 7 day expiration date.
  • White cutting board needs to be replaced.

10. City Hall Café and Pie Bar                               Score: 11
1421 Sam Houston Ave.

  • Lettuce stored on bottom of raw product,
  • Raw chicken stored above raw pork and ready-to-eat pies without proper cover to prevent any cross-contamination.
  • Sanitizer must be available before any prep begins.
  • Cook must wear gloves when handling readyto-eat foods
  • Cutting boards with discoloration needs to be replaced.

11. CVS Pharmacy                                                       Score: 0
1569 11th Street

  • No critical violations observed

12. Donde Rosi – Two Cuisine!                                Score: 10
505 11th Street #A

  • Improper cold hold
  • Raw beef stored above cooked cabbage.
  • Sanitizer must be available before prep begins.
  • Venthood not working properly to remove heat and grease vapors. Needs to be  remained ASAP.

13. Double Daves Pizzawork                                      Score: 7
3011 Hwy 30 West # 206

  • Improper hot hold
  • 1 inch air gap is needed under 3 compartment sink.
  • Multiple gnats observed inside kitchen prep area.

14. EZ Food Mart                                                           Score: 13
7005 Hwy 75 South

  • Improper cold hold
  • Expired Milk pulled from reach-in cooler
  • No hot water available at handsink. Minimum of 100 degrees for hot water.
  • Thermometer needs to be calibrated and chlorine test strips are needed.
  • Soda nozzles need to be cleaned every 24 hours
  • Mop sink is needed to dispose of mop water properly.

15. Family Dollar Store                                                  Score: 3
1524 11th St. #H

  • Expired food pulled from reach-in cooler

16. Fatboy’s MFU                                                             Score: 2
1110 Ave. M

  • Fryer baskets need to be cleaned and degreased

17. Gods Precious Cargo                                             Score: N/A
719 10th Street

  • Bottom of reach-in cooler needs to be cleaned
  • Bleach stored above clean dishes and showed be stored below all food equipment.
  • Grass needs to be mowed around school.

18. H.E.B. Meat Market                                                Score: 10
2304 Sam Houston Ave.

  • Improper cold hold
  • Expire food pulled from self served cooler.
  • Broken thermometer inside bunker case needs to be replaced
  • 2016 Health Permit needs to be posted for public view

19. H.I.S.D. High School                                              Score: 14
515 E. FM 2821

  • Improper cold hold
  • Sneeze guard is needed for pizza that is out for self-serve.
  • Sanitizer bucket stored on top of back prep table while preparing food.
  • Incorrect prep dates provided on product held inside coolers and warmers.
  • Thermometer is needed inside Salsa cooler and broken thermometer needs to be replaced.
  • Labels and ingredient labels are needed for self-server pudding case.

20. Huntsville Food Mart #1                                     Score: 11
2309 Lake Rd.

  • Expired food pulled from reach-in cooler
  • No knowledge of how to make sanitizer to clean soda nozzles.
  • No hot water available at handsink. Hot water must be a minimum of 100 degrees.
  • Tongs need to be cleaned for ready-to-eat pickles.
  • Open employee drink stored inside reach-in cooler.

21. Huntsville Food Mart #2                                       Score: 11
120 Highway 30 East

  • Improper hot holding
  • Expired food pulled from reach-in cooler
  • Ice machine with black slimy substance
  • Thermometer needed inside reach-in freezer

22.   NO NAME LISTED                                                    Score: 8
663 IH-45 South

  • Improper cold hold
  • Certified Food Manager is needed
  • Thermometer is needed inside all coolers.
  • Single service articles must be inverted to prevent any cross-contamination.

23. Quick Pic                                                                          Score: 9
1020 Martin Luther King Dr. #B

  • Dented cans pulled from shelf
  • Black rubber material hanging inside ice machine.
  • Restrooms with strong odor needs to be cleaned.
  • Dumpster area needs to be cleaned
  • Toilet area needs to be cleaned with bleach

24. Sonic Drive In #2                                                           Score: 3
2705 11th Street

  • Fan inside cooler with dust build up needsto be cleaned.

25. Stop & Stop                                                                       Score: 6
320 SH 190 East

  • Sanitizer tested too weak
  • Self serve donuts need ingredient labels.
  • Floors under crate need to be cleaned and sanitized.

26. Wal Mart Bakery                                                            Score: 8
141 IH-45 South

  • Certified Food Manager is needed
  • Pastry with out ingredient list or allergen advisory.
  • Need Qt test strips
  • Hose observed inside handsink, handsink is for handwashing only.

27. Wal Mart Grocery & Produce                                      Score: 6
141 IH-45 South

  • No Certified Food Manager
  • Test strips are needed
  • Handsink must be provided with paper towels at all times.

28. Wal Mart Meat Market & Sea Food                          Score: 2
141 IH-45 South

  • No Certified Food Manager

29. Zipps Food Mart                                                                Score: 15
1101 Sycamore Ave.

  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper hot hold
  • Dented cans pulled from shelf
  • Sanitizer must be available for all prep areas before prep begins.
  • Slushy ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized.
  • Grease trap overflowing needs to be cleaned and re-sized.

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