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Restaurant Inspections – June 2015

Routine Health Inspection results from the City of Huntsville for June 2015


1.  19th Hole at Raven Nest       (457 IH-45 South)                Score: 7

  • Improper date marking
  •  Certified Food Manager is needed

2.   American Legion-Sam Houston Post 95        ( 1919 American Legion Dr.)            Score: 4

  • Personal medication may not be stored with food inside cooler.

3.  American Best Value Inn & Suite         ( 613 IH-45 South)          Score: 15

  • Personal items stored on top of prep table.
  • Gloves must be stored in a proper manor
  • No hot water at handsinks.
  • Sanitizer tested too weak in spray bottle

4.   Arby’s         ( 1504 11th Street)                  Score: 25

  • Improper cold hold
  • Employee must wear hair restraints properly
  • Hot water must be a minimum of 100 degrees
  • Many flies observed inside kitchen/prep area
  • Chemicals must be stored in properly labeled containers and stored in a proper manor.
  • Sanitizer tested too weak
  • All plumbing must be in good repair

5.   Bearkat Junction        (2020 Sam Houston Ave )                  Score: 10

  • Expired food pulled from walk-in cooler
  • Soap and paper towels must be available at all handsinks at all times.
  • Sanitizer must be available at all times

6.   Best Catch 2 Go          ( 1798 E. Hwy 30)                 Score: 0

  • No critical violations observed

7.   Brookshire Bros. – Bakery       (2601 11th St.)          Score: 0

  • No critical violations observed

8.   Brookshire Bros. – Deli        ( 2601 11th St.)           Score: 17

  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper hot hold
  • Fly strips stored above clean dishes.
  • Multiple flies observed inside kitchen/prep area.

9.   Brookshire Bros. – Produce      (2601 11th St.)                  Score: 8

  • Improper cold hold
  •  Paper towels must be provided at handsink at all times

10.   Café Texan        ( 1120 Sam Houston Ave)        Score: 19

  • Improper cold hold
  • Employee must wear gloves when handling ready-to-eat foods.
  • Handsink is for handwashing only.
  • Thermometer is needed in all refrigeration
  • Ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

11.   Carriage Inn     (2805 Lake Rd)        Score: 14

  • Cooked placed hair net on head with gloves  on and did not wash hands and employee drink stored on top of prep table.
  • Employee personal items stored with seasoning
  • Sanitizer tested too weak
  • Can opener needs to be cleaned and sanitized and utensils must be in good condition

12.   Cinema Ten         (3 Financial Plaza)            Score: 10

  • Open drinks stored inside reach-in cooler
  • Chemical spray bottle must be properly labeled.
  • Thermometer needed inside deep freezer

13.   Dairy Queen           (602 IH-45 South)            Score: 26

  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper hot hold
  • Hair observed on prep table
  • Many flies observed inside kitchen
  • No sanitizer available at prep station.
  • Thermometer is needed inside Hopper.
  • Blizzard machine needs to be cleaned and knife must be stored in a good manor.

14.   Dickey’s BBQ       ( 601 Hwy 75 North #C)            Score: 6

  • No sanitizer available in front prep area.
  • Ice machine needs to be cleaned.

15.   Discovery Day’s Preschool        ( 2400 Sycamore Ave)             Score: N/A

  • Sanitizer tested too strong in C100
  • Grass needs to be mowed on playground area.

16.   Faith Lutheran School           ( 111 Sumac Rd.)           Score: N/A

  • Improper cold hold inside Toddler and Nursery room.

17.    Farmhouse Café         (1325 University Ave)           Score: 33

  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper hot hold
  • Open employee drinks in kitchen area, two waitresses with long hair not pulled back properly, non-employees entering kitchen when prohibited.
  • Improper storage of raw product inside walk-in cooler, open rack with bread, butter and jelly stored under vents with dust and open container of butter with unidentified substance.
  • Multiple flies observed inside kitchen and baking area.
  • Improperly labeling and storage of chemicals.
  • Certified Food Manager not demonstrating proper food safety or sanitation practices.
  • Excessive amount of standing water in baking area from leaking plumbing that needs to be repaired.
  • Can opener, dirty utensils in soiled water need to be cleaned and sanitized. Scoop is need for dispensing ice inside soda machine and ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized

18.   Farmhouse Sweets & Eats        (1112 11th Street )          Score: 8

  • Employee drink stored inside prep cooler
  • Cook observed slicing tomatoes without gloves.

19.   Five Loaves Deli         (1329 University #H)            Score: 10

  • Improper cooling
  • Improper cold hold

20.   Health & Energy        ( 1212 University Ave.)           Score: 0

  • No critical violations observed

21.   Jolly Fox/One Legged Crow     (2504 Sam Houston Ave.)                 Score: 19

  • No hot water available at bar handsink
  • No soap and paper towels available at bar handsink.
  • Improper labeling of chemicals in spray bottles
  • Spray bottle and 3 compartment sink sanitizer tested too strong.
  • Leak under 3 compartment sink needs to be repaired.
  • Ice machine and soda guns need to be cleaned and sanitized.

22.   Karen’s Produce        (1304 Sam Houston Ave.)            Score: 0

  • No critical violations observed.

23.   Kroger Deli/Bakery          (111 I-45 South)          Score: 9

  • Improper cold hold
  • Expired product pulled from display cooler

24.   Kroger Grocery/MM/Produce     (111 I-45 South)        Score: 15

  • Improper cold hold
  • Expired product pulled from display coolers
  • Produce 3 compartment sink tested too weak.
  • Thermometer is needed inside Meat Market display case.

25.   Lucky Steak and Seafood        ( 625 I-45 South)       Score: 12

  • Improper cold hold
  •  Employee medication stored inside walk-in cooler.
  • Backflow prevention is needed on water hose.

26.   Family Faith Church Kidzone           (2407 Sam Houston)            Score: N/A

  • Rusted screw on floor inside Infant 2 room
  •  Ceiling tile needs replaced inside cooler room, carpet inside cooler room needs to be removed and appropriate non-absorbent floor material is needed to be put in place.
  • Two lights out inside Nursery need to be replaced.
  • One child inside Infant 2 room not properly strapped in feeding chair.
  • Multiple gnats and flies observed inside Praisland and kitchen area.
  • Improper cold inside kitchen reach-in cooler and Praiseland cooler.
  • All product must be stored 6 inches off the floor inside storage room.
  • Dishwasher must be used to sanitized food contact equipment and Pre-K sanitizer spray bottle tested too weak.
  • Two employees have 30 days to obtain food handler cards.
  • Children church water fountain stream is no over mouth guard.
  • Gates were not properly latched on playground and fence boards need to be repaired to prevent exposed nails.

27.   Huntsville Family YMCA           (2906 Old Houston Rd.)            Score: N/A

  • One bed mat inside 1 year old classroom with  exposed foam needs to be replaced.
  • Toys must be in good repair inside 3 year old classroom.
  • Improper cooling of catered meals
  • Commodes need to be flushed inside 3 year old room after each use.
  • Gate leading to outside area must remain locked or latched at all times.

28.   Los Pericos Mexican Rest.        ( 1548 11th Street #103)         Score: 27

  • Improper cooling
  • Improper cold hold
  • Cook not wearing gloves while handling ready-to-eat foods and waiter handling tortillas with out utensils and tongs are needed for lemons.
  • Trey of prepped food improperly stored on top of trash can.
  • Towel sanitize tested too weak
  • Scoop with handle is needed to dispense chips.
  • Reminder are needed for menus for all food cooked to order.

29.   Mama Juanita’s        (154 I-45 South)            Score: 25

  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper hot hold
  • Cook did not properly change gloves when changing task from raw to ready-to-eat and waitress handling tortillas with out gloves.
  • Open employee drink stored inside prep cooler.
  • Cutting board needs to be cleaned and sanitized, Dirty dishes improperly stored on clean rack need to be re-washed and sanitized and properly stored on dry rack.

30.   McDonald’s #3          (2502 Sam Houston Ave.)              Score: 30

  • Improper cold hold
  • Open employee drink stored above main prep line and employee with long fingernails must be cut and trimmed
  • Raw eggs sitting with pancakes in cooler
  • Improper time and date stickers for product sitting out at room temperature.
  • Cold water is needed at handsinks for proper handwahsing.
  • Paper towels must be provided at handsinks at all times.
  • Multiple flies observed inside kitchen area.
  • Thermometer is needed inside small milk cooler.

31.   Mr. Hamburger Prep-Kitchen       ( 1019 Ave. J)                 Score: 4

  • Music and CD’s improperly stored on wax  paper used for restaurant.

32.   Olive Garden       ( 225 I-45 South)         Score: 3

  • Soda gun needs to be cleaned and sanitized  in bar area.

33. Papa John’s          ( 2128 Sam Houston Ave. #A)              Score: 12

  • Improper cold hold
  •  Open employee drink in kitchen area.
  • Paper towels must be provided inside ladies restroom at all times.

34.   Piolet Travel C Store          ( 639 Hwy 75 North)                  Score: 6

  • Multiple flies observed inside store area.
  •  2015 Health Permit needs to be posted.

35.   Pookie Convince Store            ( 901 11th Street)            Score: 4

  • Expired Milk pulled from walk-in cooler

36.   S.H.S.U. C Java Café        (1640 Bobby K Marks)                    Score: 17

  • Improper cooling
  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper use of a handsink inside deli area.
  • Deli prep cooler thermometer needs to be replaced.

37.   Shenanigan’s        ( 1548 11th Street #102)               Score: 0

  • No critical violations observed.

38.   Smokin’ Jozee’s      (1024 12th Street)           Score: 0

  • No critical violations observed.

39.   Sonic Drive In #2         (  2705 11th Street)                Score: 26

  • Improper cold hold
  •  Open employee drink stored on prep tables and inside cooler.
  • Cook without gloves handling ready-to-eat foods
  • Ceiling tiles being stored above storage containers inside storage room.
  • Multiple flies observed and roach infestation inside kitchen.
  • Manager needs to demonstrate better food safety and sanitation practices to prevent repeat violations.
  • Utensils need to be cleaned and sanitized and lemon container needs to be replaced.

40. St. Stephens Episcopal Church      (5019 Sam Houston Ave)         Score: 6

  • Bucket sanitizer tested too weak and . dishwasher sanitizer tested negative for bleach.
  • 2015 Health Permit needs to be posted.

41. Stardust Room     (1115 University Ave.)         Score: 3

  • Labels on spray bottle must be legible to read.

42.   Subway #5    ( 120 FM 2821 #B)      Score: 11

  • Several employee drinks improperly stored  in prep area and employee ear buds sitting next to handsink and employee with long hair needs to be restrained properly.
  • Improper date marking inside walk-in cooler
  • 2015 Health Permit needs to be posted

43.   Summit Christian Academy       (3122 Montgomery Rd.)       Score: N/A

  • No critical violations observed

44.   Swinter Snow-Cones      (1110 Ave M.)       Score: 11

  • Improper cold hold
  • Handsink must be provided with handsink at all times.
  • Sanitizer tested too strong.

45. Tomorrow’s Promise Montessori School     (2817 Old Houston Rd)     Score: N/A

  • Screw laying on floor inside Purple Star room, storage closet inside nursery building leading into 2 year old room without doors and door frame partial missing leading into 2 year old room needs to be repaired,
  • raw wood on top of dishwashing area inside nursery building should be non-absorbent and wall board in nursery building broken and falling apart needs to be repaired,
  • door leading to exterior inside nursery bathroom with missing door knob needs to be repaired and opening at bottom of door needs to be closed to exterior.
  • Lights inside 1 year old classroom need to be replaced.
  • Torn boppy pillow in Nursery needs to be replaced.
  • Gnats observed inside Purple Star room, kitchen and restroom.
  • Lid is need for Purple star trash can and lid needs replaced inside 2 year old room for trash can.
  • Nursery building dishwasher detergent tested negative for bleach.
  • Certified Food Manager needs to reprint certification.
  • Hot water inside 1 and 2 year old room should not be above 120 degrees and hallway handsink is with out hot water.
  • Toilets inside Purple restroom need to be flushed after every use.
  • Weeds need to be trimmed that are growing in fence from adjacent property, rotten or broken wood on play house area needs to be repaired
  • Entrapments on larger and small playground areas need to be enclosed and exposed screw on play house area needs to be removed.

46.   Valero #599        (101 FM 980)          Score: 11

  • Personal items stored on food boxes must be stored in personal lockers.
  • Expired food pulled from walk-in cooler
  • Chemicals must be stored in correct labeled bottles.

47.    Walmart Bakery      (141 I-45)          Score: 11

  • Improper date marking
  • No cold water available at back handsink
  • Sanitizer must be available in all food prep  areas.

48.  Walmart Grocery & Produce            ( 141 I-45 South)      Score: 9

  • Improper cold
  • Expired product pulled fro dairy display cooler

49.   Walmart Meat Marked & Seafood         (141 I-45 South)            Score: 15

  • Improper cold hold
  • Torn package of meat inside display cooler
  • Handsink must be provided with paper towels at times.
  • Chemical spray bottles must be labeled with correct chemical name.

50.   Walgreen’s   ( 1570 11th Street)         Score: 4

  • Expired baby food pulled from shelves.


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