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Restaurant Inspections for February 2016

City of Huntsville Routine Health Inspections for February 2016


1. Bennie J’s Smoke Pit LLC                                        Score: 3
621 9th St.

  • 1 inch air gap is needed under 3 compartment sink

2. Carbonero                                                                     Score: 9
1524 11th Street #A

  • Chemical spray bottles must be labeled with chemical name.
  • Bucket sanitizer is needed in back prep area
  • Cutting board needs to be replaced
  • Open employee drink stored on top of prep table.

3. Chicken Express                                                     Score: 4
623 State Hwy 75 North

  • Ice observed inside handsink, handsink is for handwashing only.
  • Sanitizer towel stored inside handsink and should be stored in bucket.
  • Dead moth observed on top of raw chicken container and open employee drink  stored inside prep cooler.

4. China House                                                            Score: 15
2105 Sam Houston Ave.

  • Broccoli and Mushrooms stored on top of bucket sanitizer.
  • Improper hot hold
  • Sanitizer tested too strong
  • Chemical spray bottle must be labeled with chemical name.
  • Flood rim over 3 compartment sink must be above flood rim.

5. Church’s Fried Chicken                                   Score: 12
2711 11th Street

  • Food inside walk-in must have proper cover to prevent any cross-contamination.
  • Improper cold hold
  • Spray nozzle must hang above flood rim
  • Utensils must be cleaned every 24 hours or as needed and clean dishes must air dry properly.
  • Clean tongs stored on rusted pipes.

6. Denny’s                                                                 Score: 25
3016 W SH 30

  • Sanitizer tested too weak
  • Improper cold hold
  • Owner/Manager not demonstrating proper food safety practices.
  • Bucket sanitizer stored on top of food prep table. Chemicals should be stored below all food and food prep area.
  • Clogged drain inside kitchen with water draining on floor.
  • Handsink must have appropriate water pressure to wash hands properly.
  • Cooler drawer equipment not maintaining to proper temperature.
  • Thermometer is needed inside omelet and front prep cooler.
  • Clean dishes being stored under food contact surfaces.
  • Personal items should be stored away or below all food and food contact surfaces.
  • Water splashing from dipper well into food and food contact surfaces.

7. Dollar General #1                                            Score: 5
224 SH 75 North

  • 2016 Health Permit needs to be posted for public view.
  • Expired food pulled from reach-in cooler

8. Domino’s Pizza                                                      Score: 8
2411 Ave I

  • Spray nozzle must be above 3 compartment flood rim to have proper back flow.
  • Chemicals stored above pizza prep area
  • Food thermometer is to check proper temperatures

9. Draft Bar, The                                                          Score: 10
2002 Sam Houston Ave.

  • Ready-to-eat foods must be stored with proper cover to prevent any cross-contamination
  • 1 inch air gap is needed under 3 compartment in bar area.
  • Prepared product held longer than 24 hours must show 7 day expiration date.
  • Soda nozzles, soda spray nozzle and screw inside ice machine with black slimy substance needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

10. H.I.S.D. Commodity Warehouse                      Score: 0
690 N. Sam Houston

  • No critical violations observed

11. H.I.S.D. Gibbs Pre-K School                                 Score: 5
1800 19th St.

  • Thermometers needed calibrated to read proper temperatures.
  • Temperature time long missing from 01/12/16
  • Venthood not pulling grease vapors properly, venthood needs to be repaired.

12. H.I.S.D. Huntsville Elementary                          Score: 0
87 Martin Luther King

  • No critical violations observed

13. H.I.S.D. Huntsville Intermediate                      Score: 0
431 Hwy 190 E.

  • No critical violations observed

14. H.I.S.D. Mance Park Middle School                 Score: 5
1010 8th St.

  • 1 inch air gap is needed under eye washing station and condensation from ice machine must lead to drain.
  • Thermometer needs to be calibrated

15. H.I.S.D. Sam Houston Elementary                  Score: 0
1641 7th Street

  • No critical violations observed

16. H.I.S.D. Scott Johnson Elementary                Score: 0
603 Hwy 190 East

  • No critical violations observed

17. H.I.S.D. Stewart Elementary                               Score: 0
3400 Boettcher Dr.

  • No critical violations observed

18. Jimmy John’s                                                              Score: 3
2023 Sam Houston Ave. #1

  • Sanitizer tested too strong

19. Family Faith Church Kidzone                              Score: N/A
2407 Sam Houston Ave.

  •  Wall inside nap area restroom needs to be repaired from hole and net wire exposed.
  • Side of handsink cabinet wall needs to be repaired.
  • Nails sticking out of pre-K room walls need to be removed.
  • Outlet in hallway leading to play ground uncovered, must be covered at all times
  • Improper cold hold
  • Thermometer is needed inside Kidzone cooler
  • Toilet inside nap area must be flushed after every use.
  • Fence gate into toddler area of playground needs to latch.
  • Front gate of playground area needs a better latching system. Putting a pole in the gap was suggested.

20. Huntsville Family YMCA                                              Score: N/A
2906 Old Houston Rd.

  • Black tire full of water on playground area and sprinkle head stinking out of  round on playground area.
  • Kitchen spray bottle tested too strong

21. MS Express                                                                         Score: 4
2812 Sam Houston Ave. #C

  • Soda nozzles dirty and need to be cleaned and sanitized
  • Expired product pulled from coolers.

22. New Life Church                                                           Score: 0
512 11th Street

  • No critical violations observed

23. Noemi’s Sno-Cones #1                                              Score: 0
597A Palm St.

  • No critical violations observed

24. Noemi’s Sno-Cones #2                                              Score: 0
309 Hwy 190 East

  • No critical violations observed

25. Panaderia Mauro Antonio Conchas                  Score: 15
218 E Hwy 190

  • Hands should be washed for 20 seconds with hot soapy water.
  • Improper cooling
  • Sanitizer tested too strong
  • No soap at handsink. Handsink must be equipped with soap and paper towels.
  • Window washing water being dumped out front door and should be disposed of inside mop sink.
  • Product must be thawed inside cooler or under slow drip of cool water.
  • Grease trap is needed. Production of food has grown

26. Popeye’s                                                                         Score: 5
2032 11th Street

  • Soda nozzles need to be cleaned and sanitized every 24 hours or as needed.
  • 1 inch air gap is needed under soda machine

27. Quality Suites                                                              Score: 9
631 1-45 South

  • Chemical spray bottle must be labeled with correct chemical name.
  • Spray bottle sanitizer tested too weak

28. S.H.S.U. C Java Café                                                 Score: 8
1640 Bobby K Marks

  • Improper hot hold
  • Improper cold hold
    Soda nozzles needs to be cleaned and sanitized every 24 hours or as needed.

29. Schlotzsky’s                                                                   Score: 3
118 IH-45 South

  • Sanitizer must be available before prep of food starts.

30. Senior Center of Walker County                            Score: 3
340F Hwy 75 North

  • Expired food pulled from walk-in cooler  and dented can pulled from storage room.

31. Shipley Donuts #1                                                           Score: 9
3011 Hwy 30 West #103A

  • Employee washing hands at 3 compartment sink, Hands should be washed at handsink with hot water and soap for 20 seconds.
  • Expired Milk pulled from Milk cooler
  • Cook handling ready-to-eat foods with out gloves.

32. Shipley Donuts #2                                                           Score: 12
113 Ave. M

  • Sanitizer tested too strong
  • Improper hot holding
  • Certified Food Manager is needed 2016 Health Permit needs to be posted for
    public view.
  • Dishes being stored inside handsink, handsink is for handwashing only

33. Smiley’s Express                                                               Score: 5
266 FM 247 #A

  • Food must be thawed under cold running water or inside cooler
  • Sanitizer tested too strong
  • Product must be properly labeled for identification purposes.

34. Smokin’ Jozee’s                                                               Score: 3
1024 12th Street

  • Bucket sanitizer tested too weak

35. Smoothie King                                                                 Score: 3
1328 Sam Houston Ave.

  • Improper cold hold

36. Subway #4                                                                         Score: 1
601 SH 75 North #A

  • Employee with long beard must have proper hair restraint/beard net.

37. Valero Corner Store #599                                         Score: 10
101 FM 980

  • Bacon inside walk-in cooler with torn package pulled.
  • Sanitizer tested too weak
  • Handsink must be accessible at all times
  • Employee eating inside food prep area, employee must use break area.
  • All product must be stored 6 inches off the floor and Eggs sitting above ready-to-eat foods.

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