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October 2015 Restaurant Inspections

City of Huntsville Routine Health Inspections for October 2015.


The score for each establishment represents a grading scale of; 0-10 is considered an A, 11-20 is considered a B (when any restaurant scores a 20 or above a Re-inspection is required), 21-30 is a C and 31 and above is an F.

Daycare / childcare center inspections are not based off of a grading scale.

1. Bayes Achievement Center & Catering                     Score: 8

7517 S. Hwy 75

  • Improper storage of employee personal drink inside cooler.
  • Sliced cheese held longer than 24 hours must show 7 day expiration date.

2. Best Catch Fish & Seafood           Score: 0
1798 Hwy 30 East

  • No critical violations observed

3. Best Western of Huntsville          Score: 11
201 W Hill Park Cir

  • Chemical spray bottles must be labeled with chemical name.
  • Sanitizer spray bottle tested too strong.
  • Improper hot hold

4. Big E’s                                                     Score: 8
1090 I-45 South

  • Sanitizer tested too weak
  • Improper reheating

5. Brookshire Bros. – Grocery           Score: 4
2601 11th Street

  • Expired product pulled from shelves

6. Children’s House, The                    Score: N/A
906 10th Street

  • Play rugs inside Infant 1 and 2 rooms need to be removed from strings exposed and replaced.
  • Exposed screws from book shelf inside 2’s room needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Improper cold hold inside Building 1 and 2

7. NAME NOT GIVEN                               Score: 8
1433 Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy

  • Equipment stored inside handsink, handsink is for handwashing only and  employee drink stored on top of prep cooler while preparing ready-to-eat foods.
  • Expired product pulled from walk-in cooler

8. CVS Pharmacy #2                                      Score: 4
2421 Sam Houston Ave.

  • Expired product pulled from walk-in cooler

9. Days                                                             Score: 19
160 IH-45 South

  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper hot hold
  • Ants observed inside kitchen prep area
  • Chemicals spray bottle need to be labeled with chemical name.
  • Wooden tongs being used for toast, tongs must be easily cleanable and non-absorbent.

10. Head Start                                                  Score: N/A
125 FM 980

  • Lights out inside Red Rose room and need to be replaced.
  • Toy in bad repair needs to be replaced inside Lily room
  • Dishwasher tested too weak on sanitizer inside kitchen prep area.

11. Hitchin Post Truck Terminal              Score: 18
500 I-45 North

  • Open employee drink stored on top of prep table. Must be stored below all food and food prep areas.
  • Ingredient labels needed for self-serve tamales.
  • Expired food pulled from walk-in cooler
  • Sanitizer tested too strong
  • Certified Food Manager is needed

12. Huntsville Exxon                                       Score: 13
558 IH-45 South

  • Improper cold hold
  • Ice bags must be provided with labels with stores information.
  • Dented can pulled from shelf.

13. Jay’s Grocery & Market                           Score: 3
2904 Sam Houston Ave.

  • Sanitizer tested too weak

14. La Mexicana Taqueria #2                      Score: 15
269 SH 75 North #B&C

  • Employees not washing hands due to a broken faucet on handsink.
  • Expired food pulled from reach-in cooler
  • Lid from a drink observed inside handsink, handsink is for handwashing only.
  • Sanitizer tested too weak

15. Pizza Hut #1                                                 Score: 3
3010 Hwy 30 West #F

  • Fryer baskets need to be sanitized and degreased from build up

16. S.H.S.U. Grilleworks                               Score: 3
1802 Ave. I

  • 1 inch air gap is needed for plumbing leading into floor drain under 3 compartment sink.

17. S.H.S.U. Moe’s Southwest                         Score: 3
2008 Ave. J

  • Food storage containers must be in good condition

18. S.H.S.U. Pizzahut-Chic-Fil-A                  Score: 6
1802 Ave. I

  • Sanitizer tested too weak
  • Ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized

19. S.H.S.U. Starbucks Coffee                       Score: 13
2008 Ave. J

  • Improper cold hold
  • Expired Milk pulled from reach-in cooler
  • Hot water inside establishment must be a minimum of 100 degrees F.

20. S.H.S.U. Subway                                           Score: 0
1802 Ave. I

  • No critical violations observed

21. Subway #3                                                        Score: 12
901 11th Street

  • Improper cold hold
  • Hot water inside establishment must be a minimum of 100 degrees F.
  • Chemicals must be stored below food and food contact surfaces.

22. Sweet Dough                                                Score: 9
1110 Ave. M

  • Improper hot hold
  • Hair restraints must be worn by employees when inside food prep areas.

23. Taqueria Tako Loko                                  Score: 3
202 Phelps Dr.

  • Personal medication stored inside food cooler must be separated and in sealed container to prevent any cross-contamination.

24. Time Out Sports Bar                                  Score: 0
613 I-45 South #C

  • No critical violations observed

25. Vista Academy/Premier High School            Score: 4
2407 Sam Houston

  • Personal items stored inside reach-in cooler and not separated from product used for students.

26. Walker County Sheriff’s Dept.                           Score: 20
655 W. FM 2821 Rd.

  • Improper hot hold
  • Open employee drinks sitting above prep tables.
  • Wet towels observed inside handsink, handsink is for handwashing only.
  • Product held longer than 24 hours must have expiration date provided
  • No sanitizer available in all food prep areas.

27. West Hill Exxon                                                       Score: 10
115 I-45 North

  • Hot water must maintain a minimum of 100 degrees for establishments handsinks.
  • Both ice machines and soda nozzles need to be cleaned and sanitized.
  • 2015 Health Permit must be posted for public view.

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