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November 2015 Restaurant Inspections

City of Huntsville Routine Health Inspections for November 2015.


The score for each establishment represents a grading scale of; 0-10 is considered an A, 11-20 is considered a B (when any restaurant scores a 20 or above a Re-inspection is required), 21-30 is a C and 31 and above is an F.

Daycare / childcare center inspections are not based off of a grading scale.

1. Arnaud’s Cajun Kitchen       Score: 4
2615 Montgomery Rd

  1. Hat or hair net is needed for cooks to prevent any cross-contamination

2. Baking Sweet Memories       Score: 19
1114 10th Street

  1. Improper cold hold
  2. Open employee drink observed in prep area
  3. Handsink is for handwashing only, no food prep is allowed.
  4. Sanitizer tested too weak
  5. Thermometer is needed for reach-in freezer

3. Brookshire Bros. – Bakery       Score: 0
2601 11th Street

  1. No critical violations were observed

4. Brookshire Bros. Produce       Score: 5
2601 11th Street

  1. Improper cold hold

5. Carriage Inn       Score: 8
2805 Lake Rd.

  1. Improper cold hold
  2. Leak under dishwasher machine needs to be repaired.

6. Eclectic Studio & Gallery       Score: 15
1211 19th Street

  1. Improper cold hold
  2. Cook hair observed on top of stove and raw eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods.
  3. Multiple flies and live spider observed inside kitchen/prep area.
  4. Sanitizer tested too strong

7. Falco’s C Store       Score: 3
1901 Sycamore Ave.

  1. Ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

8. Farmhouse Café       Score: 19
1325 University Ave.

  1. Improper cold hold
  2. Handsink is for handwashing only, no dumping of drinks allowed.
  3. Cooked chicken and lettuce stored on bottom shelf with raw product and employee jacket stored improperly inside kitchen/prep area.
  4. Incorrect prep and expiration dates provided for Chicken Spaghetti and cut meats inside individual bags dates removed and not visible.
  5. Sanitizer stored on top shelf with clean dishes.
  6. Melted containers and lids need to be replaced and must be in good repair.

9. Good Shepherd Mission       Score: 24
1005 Martin Luther King

  1. Non-employees entering inside kitchen while prep of food is in production.
  2. Expired Milk pulled from reach-in cooler.
  3. Product cooked and held longer than 24 hours must be provided with prep and 7 day expiration date.
  4. Chemical spray bottle needs to be labeled with chemical name.
  5. Correct sanitizer is needed for dishwasher
  6. Certified Food Manager is needed

10. Huntsville Memorial Hospital      Score: 12
110 Memorial Hospital Dr.

  1. Improper cold hold
  2. Correct labeling is needed for pre-packaged product out for self-serve
  3. Cutting boards need to be repaired or replaced from deep cut marks and discoloration.

11. Jack-In-The Box #1       Score: 3
2251 Sam Houston Ave.

  1. Sanitizer tested too weak

12. Jack-In-The-Box #2       Score: 7
3005 State Hwy 30 West

  1. Handsink is for handwashing only and ice scoop stored improperly inside ice.
  2. Broken food containers need to be replaced

13. Mayflower Bakery       Score: 33
1306 Sam Houston Ave. #B

  1. Improper cold hold
  2. Both cooks preparing food with out proper hair restraints
  3. Expired bottle of Butter Milk pulled from walk-in cooler.
  4. Cooked, ready-to-eat foods must be covered properly to prevent any cross-contamination.
  5. Spigot on back handsink is missing and hot water is not available for proper handwashing.
  6. Gnats observed on cart with Kolaches.
  7. Chemical spray bottles improperly stored above food and two spray bottles need label for proper identification.
  8. Sanitizer not available for front prep area.
  9. Soda nozzles need to be cleaned and sanitized and ice scoop improperly and needs to be sanitized.

14. Ms. Michele’s Diner       Score: 8
500 IH-45 North

  1. Dented can removed from shelf.
  2. Raw product sitting above ready-to-eat foods inside walk-in cooler.

15. Pita Pit       Score: 11
2100 Sam Houston Ave. #A

  1. Cook preparing pita’s without hair restraint available to prevent any cross-contamination.
  2. Gyro meat inside walk-in cooler needs to be provided with prep and expirations dates if held longer than 24 hours.
  3. Thermometer broken on cooler drawers and needs to be repaired or replaced.

16. Pizza Hut #2       Score: 4
4030 Sam Houston Ave. #D

  1. Employee’s eating and drinking inside prep area.

17. S&S Express       Score: 5
3003 Sam Houston Ave.

  1. Improper cold hold

18. S.H.S.U. NGL Starbucks       Score: 19
2008 Ave. J

  1. Improper cold hold
  2. Employee with no hair restraint inside prep area.
  3. 4 hour timer not set for Half & Half held at room temperature.
  4. Sanitizer tested too weak
  5. No Certified Food Manager or Person In Charger available on site.

19. Stripes #1049       Score: 17
2530 Sam Houston Ave.

  1. Improper cooling
  2. Improper cold hold
  3. Mold observed on tomatoes inside salad out for self-serve, expired yogurt and Half & Half pulled from self-serve cooler and dented cans pulled from back storage room.
  4. Green cutting boards with discoloration needs to be cleaned and sanded down.

20. Taco Bell #1       Score: 7
2103 Sam Houston

  1. Ice observed in back handsink, handsink is for handwashing only.
  2. Certified Food Manager is still needed

21. Wal-Mart Deli       Score: 4
141 I-45 South

  1. Defrosting food inside front handsink, handsink is for handwashing only.

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