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Local Restaurant on TABC Delinquent List

A local restaurant has landed on the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission’s (TABC) most recent Credit Law Delinquent List.

According to the TABC website liquor wholesalers are required to report any retailers with delinquent accounts; that information is used to compile the Credit Law Delinquent List. After the effective date of the list, wholesalers are not allowed to make sales or deliveries to these retailers until their accounts are current and TABC’s records are cleared.

The following Walker County business is on the TABC Credit Law Delinquent List effective February 1,2019:

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant and Cantina – 630 IH-45 South


The full TABC Credit Law Delinquent List can be viewed HERE.


  1. I’m sure if TABC said so, it must be true. Is this news?

    • David, it is news in the same way restaurant inspections are. The laws on payments for wholesale alcohol to be sold at retail are strict. Failure to pay according to the law could mean a suspension of liquor sales. I personally question some of these – for instance Specs just won out in its suit claiming unfair treatment. But, it is the law and in that sense news – we can’t start editing building permits, marriage licenses, court news, police news etc based on how we might personally view it. Rich

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