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Huntsville Restaurant Inspections for October 2016

City of Huntsville Routine Health Inspections for October 2016

1. Bayes Achievement Center                                                 Score: 1
7517 Hwy 75 South

  • Bottom of reach-in cooler needs cleaned

2. Best Catch and Seafood                                                        Score: 0
1798 Hwy 30 East

  • No major violations observed

3. Best Western of Huntsville                                                 Score: 5
201 W. Hill Park Circle

  • Broken plastic lid should be in good repair
  • Improper date-marking

4. Brookshire Bros. Grocery                                                   Score: 5
2601 11th St.

  • Expired food in cooler
  • Raw wood around cooler needs sealed to prevent moisture from absorbing

5. The Children’s House                                                            Score: N/A
906 10th St.

  • Floor needs to be repaired in 2’s
  • Vents on outside of air conditioner need sealed in 2’s so exterior is not exposed
  • Broken puzzle map in pre-k room needs repaired

6. Church BBQ                                                                                Score: 8
2601 Montgomery Rd.

  • Improper cold hold inside pie cooler
  • Cutting boards need replaced
  • Single use cups need stored 6″ off floor
  • Outside of BBQ crock pot needs to be cleaned and sanitized
  • Walls and counter top needs to be cleaned and sanitized over prep table
  • Counter top holding to-go containers needs to be repaired.
  • Floor that is torn, needs repaired

7. Creekside                                                                                     Score: 10
1433 Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy.

  • Green slimy salad removed and discarded from walk-in cooler
  • Several employees have one week to obtain food handler cards
  • Improper date-marking
  • Improper use of prep-sink
  • Floor needs cleaned behind fryer, grill and oven

8. CVS #2                                                                                          Score: 5
2421 Sam Houston Ave.

  • Expired chocolate milk
  • Lights need replaced in ladies restroom
  • Expired pre-packaged food pulled from shelves

9. Days Inn & Suites                                                                     Score: 11
160 I-45 South

  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper labeling of chemicals
  • Broken drawer inside reach-in cooler needs repaired
  • Back reach-in cooler needs cleaned
  • Floors with sticky substance needs cleaned
  • Light needs replaced in prep cooler
  • CFM certification needs posted for public view

10. Denny’s                                                                                      Score: 10
3016 SH 30

  • Possible cross-contamination in cooler drawers with open food
  • Cutting boards needs replaced
  • Dipper wells should be operable
  • Several employees need food handler cards
  • Floors need cleaned beside and behind fryer area
  • Counter needs to be cleaned under grill
  • Bottom of omelet cooler needs cleaned
  • Cooler drawers need cleaned
  • Air vents above service line need repainted and black substance removed
  • Light inside venthood needs replaced

11. Elkins Lake Clubhouse                                                           Score: 17
632 Cherry Hills

  • Improper cooling
  • Ice machine in snack bar needs cleaned
  • Snack bar chemical spray bottle needs labeled
  • One inch air gap is needed for three compartment sink
  • One employee needs food handler card
  • Improper use of handsink
  • Outside of microwave needs cleaned
  • Spider webs need cleaned from reach-in warmer
  • Bottom of reach-in freezer needs to be cleaned
  • Floors inside dry storage area need cleaned
  • Bottom of shelves on back prep table need cleaned
  • Snack bar prep cooler needs cleaned

12. Five Guys Burgers & Fries                                                 Score: 7
255 I-45 South #F

  • Several employees will need food handler cards
  • Improper use of handsink
  • Several flies observed
  • Wall under large air vent and above order counter needs to be repaired from condensation leak
  • Floor drains need to be cleaned and smell removed
  • Back of front prep cooler needs to be cleaned, black spotted substance observed
  • Placard needs posted

13. Gods Precious Cargo                                                             Score: N/A
719 10th St.

  • Spray bottle sanitizer too strong for food contact surfaces

14. HEB Meat Market                                                                 Score: 0
2304 Sam Houston Ave.

  • No major violations observed

15. Hampton Inn & Suites                                                       Score: 10
120 Ravenwood Village Dr.

  • Improper cold hold
  • Need certified food manager and personin-charge on-site
  • One employee needs food handler card
  • Broken thermometer needs replaced
  • Placard and CFM certification should be posted for public view

16. Head Start                                                                                  Score: N/A
125 FM 980

  • One outlet needs covered inside children’s classroom

17. Hitchin Post Truck Terminal                                            Score: 6
500 I-45 North

  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper hot hold

18. Humphrey’s Bar and Grill                                                Score: 21
1930 Sam Houston Ave.

  • Improper cold hold
  • Dented cans pulled from shelves
  • Chlorine sanitizer too strong
  • All product inside prep cooler should be properly covered to prevent cross contamination
  • Menus should have reminders from undercooked product being served
  • All coolers should maintain product temp.
  • Improper use of handsink
  • Live roach observed and multiple flies
  • Gaskets need cleaned on all coolers
  • Water stained ceiling tiles need replaced
  • Counter needs cleaned under machine in bar area
  • Lid to soda gun needs cleaned
  • Placard and CFM certification need posted in public view.

19. Huntsville Exxon                                                                  Score: 5
558 I-45 South

  • Rodent droppings observed in back storage area
  • Single use cups should be 6″ off floor
  • Broken ceiling tiles need replaced
  • Counter with coffee machine needs cleaned
  • All lights should be working in back storage area
  • Back storage area needs re-organized to prevent any rodent or insect harborage

20. Kroger Deli/Bakery                                                             Score: 17
223 I-45 South

  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper date-marking
  • Spray bottle sanitizer should be available during prep times
  • Warmer drawers need cleaned each night
  • Thermometer broken and needs replaced inside salad cooler
  • Chemical test strips are needed for olive bar
  • Improper use of handsink
  • Papertowels are needed at handsinks at all times
  • Dishwasher that is out of order needs repaired
  • Storage area with to-go containers needs cleaned
  • Bottom of slicer needs cleaned
  • Venthood filters need cleaned
  • Floor inside bakery walk-in needs cleaned
  • Bakery microwave needs cleaned
  • Drawers with baking sprinkles need cleaned
  • Counters with icing buckets and storage need cleaned
  • Walk-in freezer needs defrosted
  • Ceiling tiles with holes need sealed up to prevent rodent entry

21.McDonald’s #1                                                                       Score: 0
2719 11th St.

  • No major violations observed

22. Ms. G Coffee Shop                                                                 Score: 3
2 Financial Plaza

  • Spray bottle chlorine sanitizer too strong

23. Pookie Conv. Store                                                               Score: 7
901 11th St.

  • Improper hot hold
  • Expired strawberry milk
  • Large bags of ice with incorrect labels
  • Placard should be posted for public view
  • First Aid Kit needed
  • Fans inside walk-in cooler need cleaned

24. Smiley’s Express                                                                   Score: 10
266 FM 247 #A

  • Improper cold hold
  • Bag of shredded cheese with green mold
  • Icee machine with black, slimy substance need cleaned, machines should be  cleaned every 24 hours
  • Placard should be posted for public view

25. Smiley’s Express #3                                                             Score: 5
3612 Montgomery Rd.

  • Improper hot hold
  • Ingredients list is needed for donut case

26. Subway #3                                                                                Score: 5
901 11th St.

  • Improper cold hold
  • Papertowels are needed for back handsink

27. Subway #5                                                                                 Score: 2
120 FM 2821 W #B

  • New store manager needs food manager certification

28. Tokyo Grill & Sushi                                                              Score: 5
2019 Sam Houston Ave.

  • Manager needs to renew certification
  • Single service items should be stored 6″ off floor
  • Large plastic bins should be labeled
  • Floors need cleaned in kitchen and front sushi area
  • Floors need cleaned behind ice machine
  • Overgrown vegetation in front of store needs trimmed to prevent rodent harborage
  • Soda machine area needs thoroughly cleaned

29. Vista Academy                                                                         Score: 5
2407 Sam Houston #B

  • Papertowels are needed at handsink
  • Chemical spray bottle needs labeled

30. Wingstop                                                                                  Score: 6
3011 State Hwy 30 W #103-B

  • Tea nozzles should be cleaned every 24 hours
  • Hot water is needed at handsinks
  • Left over food debris on stovetop should not be left overnight

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