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Huntsville Restaurant Inspections for May 2016

City of Huntsville Routine Health Inspections for May 2016

1. 1836 Steakhouse                                             Score: 12
2641 11th Street

  • Improper cooling
  • Romain lettuce sitting inside prep cooler without proper cover.
  • Both cutting boards need to be sanded down and remove discoloration, Utensils stored up stairs inside dipper well from over night needs to be washed, rinsed and sanitized and Soda gun needs to be cleaned and sanitized
  • Dishwasher no working properly and not dispensing any chemical.
  • Personal drink stored inside prep cooler

2. Americas Best Value Inn & Suites                Score: 6
613 IH-45 South

  • Improper cold hold
  • Sanitizer tested too weak

3. Baking Sweet Memories                                     Score: 3
1114 10th Street

  • Sanitizer tested too strong

4. Bandera Grill & Bar                                              Score: 14
102 I-45 N.

  • Improper cooling
  • Improper cold hold
  • Uncovered ice cream and chicken inside freezer
  • Improper storage inside walk-in cooler
  • No themometer provided inside cooler
  • No internal food thermometer
  • Live roach observed
  • Cell phone sitting on top of prep table
  • Condensation drain inside cooler needs repaired

5. Big E’s                                                                           Score: 8
1090 1-45 South

  • Improper hot hold
  • Expired food pulled from cooler
  • Ice bags without labels

6. Brookshire Bros. Bakery                                      Score: 1
2601 11th St.

  • Improper storage of personal food inside cooler

7. Brookshire Bros. Produce                                    Score: 6
2601 11th St.

  • Improper cold hold
  • Expired food pulled from cooler

8. Chili’s Grill & Bar                                                    Score: 12
123 I-45 North

  • Improper cold hold
  • All food must be properly covered
  • Scoops must be provided with handle
  • Food contact surfaces must be in good repair and clean
  • Reminder needs posted on menus
  • Evidence of many flies

9. Cinema Ten                                                                Score: 3
3 Financial Plaza

  • Sanitizer not available for inspection

10. Eclectic Coffeehouse                                            Score: 5
1211 19th St.

  • Chemicals must be properly labeled
  • Date marking is required on product held longer than 24 hours

11. Falco’s C Store Score: 5 Improper hot hold
1901 Sycamore Ave. Hot holding case needs bulbs replaced to
maintain product temps.

12. Good Shepherd Mission                                     Score: 3
1005 MLK

  • Expired pico de gallo pulled from cooler

13. Hartz Chicken Buffet                                          Score: 31

  • Improper cooling
  • Improper hot holding
  • Improper storage inside cooler of raw and ready to eat food
  • Soda nozzles should be cleaned every 24 hours
  • Flour containers need cleaned
  • Fryer baskets need cleaned every 24 hours
  • Night manager lacks proper food saftey knowledge and is threat to public health
  • Improper storage of first aid kit
  • Certified food manager or person in charge must be available during inspections
  • Cooks need internal food thermometers for checking food temps
  • Back handsink must have paper towels at all times
  • Floors need re-grouted to prevent food from accumulating
  • Evidence of many flies
  • Improper storage of personal drinks
  • Gaskets need to be cleaned on Cole slaw cooler
  • Floors need to be cleaned under equipment
  • Bottom of reach-in freezer needs to be cleaned
  • Floors not being cleaned at night need to be cleaned
    Walls need to be cleaned in back prep area
  • All return air vents need to be cleaned and free of dust
  • Dumpster area needs cleaned
  • Inspection/Placard needs posted near permit

14. Hitch Me Up Café                                                        Score: 10
500 I-45 North

  • Improper cooling
  • Improper storage of raw and ready to eat food inside cooler
  • Towel sanitizer too weak
  • Improper storage of employee drink

15. Jack-in-the-Box #1                                                   Score: 6
2251 Sam Houston

  • Improper cold hold
  • Ready to eat food must be properly covered inside cooler

16. Jack-in-the Box #2                                                  Score: 10
3005 Hwy 30 W

  • Improper cold hold
  • Ready to eat food must be properly covered inside cooler
  • Broken lid inside warmer drawers
  • Ice machine needs to be cleaned
  • Bucket sanitizer too weak
  • 3 compartment sink sanitizer too weak
  • Improper storage of ice scoop
  • Venthood improperly cleaned and causing contamination to food

17. Karen’s Produce                                                      Score: 3
1935 CR 1203
Maud, TX

  • Improper storage of ready to eat food

18. Kroger Grocery and Dairy                                    Score: 3
223 I-45 South

  • Expired food pulled and discarded

19. Kroger Produce                                                     Score: 5
223 I-45 South

  • Improper storage of ice scoop
  • Thermometer needs replaced in display cooler

20. Kroger Starbucks                                                   Score: 7
223 I-45 South

  • Expired organic milk
  • No certified food manager available
  • Need to post current permit

21. Los Panchitos                                                           Score: 15
170 I-45

  • Improper cold hold
  • Towel sanitizer too weak
  • Personal items improperly stored
  • Plumbing needs repaired at handsink
  • Handsink needs papertowels
  • Grease trap needs cleaned

22. Lucy’s Sushi@Kroger                                                Score: 10
223 I-45

  • Improper cold hold
  • Sanitizer too strong
  • Improper use of handsink
  • Logging ph readings without performing ph test

23. Mayflower Bakery                                                            Score: 6
1306 Sam Houston Ave. #B

  • Donuts and kolaches not properly covered while being stored
  • Gnat observed on kolache
  • Personal drink sitting on prep table
  • Bulk foods need proper labels

24. Panda Express                                                                     Score: 4
247 I-45 South

  • No food handler cards available for inspection
  • Health permit needs posted

25. Pizza Hut #1                                                                         Score: 3
3010 Hwy 30 West #F

  • Green serving trays need cleaned

26. Raising Cane’s                                                                   Score: 0
277 I-45 South

  • No major violations observed

27. S&S Express                                                                       Score: 9
3003 Sam Houston Ave

  • Improper cold hold
  • Expired chocolate milk
  • Soda nozzles need cleaned

28. SHSU Grilleworks                                                         Score: 3
1802 Ave. I

  • Improper storage of ice scoop

29. SHSU NGL Starbucks                                                  Score: 3
2008 Ave. J

  • Sanitizer too weak

30. SHSU Chic-Fil-A and  Pizzahut                            Score: 0
1802 Ave.I

  • No major violations observed

31. SHSU Subway                                                               Score: 0
1802 Ave. I

  • No major violations observed

32. Skipper’s 10K Kwik Stop                                         Score: 3
104 I-45 South

  • Improper cold hold

33. Sonic #1                                                                            Score: 16
2518 Sam Houston Ave.

  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper hot hold
  • Fryer baskets need to be cleaned and degreased
  • Broken plastic container needs to be replaced
  • Ice machines need to be cleaned
  • Can opener needs to be cleaned and sanitized
  • Chemical bottle without lid
  • Chemical bottle without label
  • Plumbing needs repaired at sinks
  • Evidence of many flies

34. TCK’s Learning and Develop.                                         Score: N/A
219 Hwy 190 East

  • No major violations observed

35. Time Out Sports Bar                                                         Score: 0
613 I-45 South #C

  • No major violations observed

36. The Treehouse School                                                     Score: N/A
679 Cline St.

  • Outdoor area needs cleaned, grass mowed, vines trimmed and fallen tree removed

37. Wendy’s #2@ Pilot                                                            Score: 12
639 Hwy 75 North

  • Improper cold hold
  • Time stickers should be placed on items outside of temp. control longer than 4 hours
  • No papertowels provided at handsink
  • Plastic containers must be in good repair
  • Observed many flies and gnats
  • Air vents in ceiling with dust build-up
  • Floors under stand-up freezer need cleaned
  • Floor drain under stand up freezer needs cleaned and floor times replaced
  • Floors need cleaned under ice machine
  • Hole in wall needs repaired under to-go menu
  • FRP wall behind stand-up freezer needs repaired that is loose

38. Westridge Grocery                                                  Score: 9
3595 Hwy 30 W

  • Improper hot hold
  • Expired food, discolored turkey, dented can
  • Broken knife needs replaced


  1. Who do I contact to get health inspectors to come to Trinity, Trinity County Texas?
    Thank you

    • The health inspection reports you see posted on our website are conducted by City of Huntsville staff. You will need to check with the City of Trinity to see if they have inspectors on staff.

  2. Hope y’all check golden corral I picked up a dessert plate when I sat down a the table at the opposite end of the restaurant I had a roach run across my plate gross

  3. I know its pretty much a joke to call the state lady that covers Riverside north of Huntsville.

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