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Huntsville Restaurant Inspections – December 2014

Huntsville Health Department Routine Imspections for December 2014



1. 19th Hole At Raven Nest     (457 IH-45 South)     Score: 0

  • No critical violations observed

2. American Legion-Sam Houston Post 95     (1919 American Legion Dr)    Score: 0

  • No critical violations observed

3. Americas Best Value Inn & Suites      (613 IH-45 South)    Score: 4

  • Hot water at handsink must maintain a minimum of 100 degrees F.

4. Arby’s    ( 1504 11th Street)    Score: 3

  • Ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized

5. Bandera Grill & Bar     (102 IH-45 North)     Score: 29

  • Improper cold hold.
  • Dented cans pulled from shelves and two containers of food expired inside walk-in cooler.
  • Plate without handle being used for readyto-eat foods (chips).
  • Cooked ready-to-eat foods must be stored above all raw product.
  • 3 roaches and gnats observed inside reachin freezer that is not in working order.
  • All chemicals must be stored in proper shelves and not by any ready-to-eat product.
  • No thermometer provided inside prep cooler.
  • Ice machine and Margarita machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

6. Bearkat Junction    (2020 Sam Houston Ave.)     Score: 7

  • Expired Milk and Muscle Milk pulled from  walk-in cooler.
  • Soap and paper towels must be provided at handsink at all times.

7. Best Catch 2 Go     (1798 East Hwy 30)     Score: 11

  • Improper cold hold.
  •  No sanitizer made during preparation.
  • Certified Food Manager is needed

8. Brookshire Bros. – Bakery    (2601 11th Street)     Score: 0

  • No critical violations observed

9. Brookshire Bros. – Deli    (2601 11th Street)     Score: 5

  • Improper hot holding

10. Brookshire Bros. – Produce    (2601 11th Street)    Score: 9

  • Improper cold hold.
  • Expired food pulled from display cooler

11. Café Texan    (1120 Sam Houston Ave.)      Score: 19

  • Improper cold hold.
  •  Open employee drink sitting beside readyto-foods.
  • Employee cigarettes sitting on top of prep cooler and by clean dishes also handsink is for handwashing only.
  • Chemical spray bottle needs to be labeled with chemical name.
  • Ice machine and fryer baskets needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

12. Cinema Ten     (3 Financial Plaza)    Score: 0

  • No critical violations observed

13. CVS Pharmacy #6655     ( 1569 11th Street)      Score: 0

  • No critical violations observed

14. Dairy Queen     (602 IH-45 South)        Score: 9

  • No sanitizer available in prep area.
  •  Thermometer is needed for Ice cream cooler.
  • Soda nozzles need to be cleaned and sanitized.

15. Dickey’s BBQ     (601 St. Hwy 75 North #C)       Score: 3

  • Chemical spray bottle must be labeled with  correct chemical name.

16. Discovery Days Preschool      (2400 Sycamore Ave.)          Score: N /A

  • Microwaves inside classrooms C100 and C104 needs to be cleaned and sanitized.
  • One sanitizer spray bottle tested too strong.
  • Exposed drain pipe on children’s playground area needs to be covered to prevent any injuries.

17. E-Z-N Food Store      (7005 Hwy 75 South)           Score: 4

  • Dented cans pulled from shelves

18. Elkins Lake Clubhouse    (632 Cherry Hills)     Score: 4

  • Expired Milk pulled from dressing cooler and  dented cans pulled from dry storage shelves.

19. Faith Lutheran School   (111 Sumac Rd.)      Score: N/A

  • Expired Milk pulled from kitchen reach-in  cooler.
  • Nursery handsink needs to have paper towels provided at all times.

20. Farmhouse Sweets & Eats    (1112 11th Street)     Score: 4

  • Hot water must maintain a minimum  of 100 degrees F.

21. Golden Corral      (2050 11th Street)      Score: 18

  • Improper cold hold.
  •  Improper hot hold.
  • Dented can pulled from shelf.
  • Handsink is for handwashing only, all food equipment must be cleaned inside 3 compartment sink.

22. Grand Buffet      (111 IH-45 South #A)      Score: 9

  • Improper cooling.
  •  All ready-to-eat foods must be stored above raw product to avoid any cross-contamination.

23. Health & Energy     (1212 University Ave)    Score: 4

  • Cooked product held longer than 24 hours must show 7 day expiration date.

24. Jack-In-The-Box #1      (2251 Sam Houston Ave)     Score: 7

  • 4 hour time must be provided for sliced tomatoes when temperature is not being used.
  • Dishwasher sanitizer tested too weak

25. Jolly Fox/One Legged Crow     (2504 Sam Houston Ave)      Score: 10

  • Ice inside ice machine must be properly covered to prevent cross-contamination.
  • All drains must drain properly to prevent any back-up.
  • Cutting board for prep cooler needs to be replaced and both ice machines needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

26. Lucky Steak And Seafood (Country Inn Steak And Seafood)      (625 IH-45 South)       Score: 8

  • Improper cold hold.
  •  Ladles for steam well needs to be repaired or replaced.

27. Family Faith Church Kidzone        (2407 Sam Houston)               Score: N/A

  • Space heater inside Infant 1 room need to be placed in room properly,
  • Floors inside Bridge room needs to be cleaned and Pre-K storage closet needs to be re-organized.
  • Bridge restroom walls and ceiling tiles need to be in good condition and Pre-K’s floor inside classroom needs to be cleaned.
  • Infant 2 feeding chairs and straps with food debris needs to be cleaned and sanitized.
  • Infant 1 sleeping cribs with torn netting and Infant 2 with food debris inside sleeping cribs needs to be repaired and cleaned.
  • Bridge classroom with torn books and brokentoys needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • All ready-to-eat foods must be stored above raw product to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Infant 1 sanitizer tested too strong.
  • One employee needs to obtain food handlercard.
  • Raw poultry or beef being cooked inside kitchen will need to obtain grease interceptor.
  • Children’s church restroom with strong urine smell needs to be cleaned and sanitized.
  • Bridge restroom toilet needs to be cleaned and free of mold.
  • Broken fence boards need replaced and exposed nails need to be removed from playground area and broken bungee cord to prevent children for leaving area needs to be replaced.
  • More fall prevention is needed for small playground area.

28. Huntsville Family YMCA       (2906 Old Houston Rd)           Score: N/A

  • Changing table needs to be cleaned in 2yr. old room.
  • Children in feeding chairs not properly secured in chairs inside 1yr old room.
  • Chemical storage cabinet inside kitchen without proper latch or lock.
  • Handsink is for handwashing only.

29. Kroger Deli/Bakery            ( 111 I-45 South)           Score: 19

  • Open employee drink stored inside deli display cooler.
  • Expired Cole Slaw and Strawberry parfait pulled from display cooler.
  • Ingredient book for pastry case not available for public.
  • Hot water at handsink must maintain a minimum of 100 degrees F for back handsink.
  • Ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

30. Kroger Grocery/MM/Produce           (111 I-45 South)           Score: 12

  • Improper cold hold.
  • Expired food pulled from meat, produce and dairy display coolers.
  • Soap must be provided at all handsinks at all times (produce handsink).

31. La Mexicana Super Market/Deli            ( 2703 Sam Houston Ave )       Score: 13

  • Improper cooling.
  • Improper cold holdChemical spray bottle must be labeled with correct chemical name.

32. Los Panchitos Mexican Rest.        ( 1700 11th Street)           Score: 24

  • Improper cooling.
  •  Improper cold hold.
  • Food and drinks being left overnight in kitchen and bar area need to be cleaned and sanitized after every use.
  • Chemicals being stored by ready-to-eat foods should be stored separately.
  • Handsink is for handwashing only and broken spigot needs repaired so hot water can be dispensed at 100 degrees minimum.
  • No sanitizer available for prep areas duringoperation hours.

33. Margarita’s Mexican Rest. & Cantina          ( 630 IH-45 South)                      Score: 5

  • Improper cooling

34. McDonalds #3       (2502 Sam Houston Ave)                   Score: 7

  • No time sticker on product held at room temperature.
  • Paper towels must be available at handsink at all time.

35. McKenzie’s BBQ and Burgers        (1548 11th Street #101)          Score: 31

  • Improper hot hold.
  •  Improper cooking.
  • Employees must wash hands before starting prep and in-between each task.
  • Expired Whipping cream pulled from walkin cooler.
  • Ready-to-eat foods must be stored separate from raw product and handsink is for handwashing only no food allowed.
  • Sanitizer tested too strong.
  • Thermometer is needed to check temperatures on grill for raw chicken.
  • Ice machines needs to be cleaned and sanitized as needed.

36. Mo Better Meat Co., Inc.      (3719 Navigation Blvd., Houston TX 77003)    Score: 0

  • No critical violations observed

37. Mr. Hamburger Prep Kitchen      (1019 Ave. J)               Score: 3

  • Food equipment should be cleaned and san itized after each use.

38. Olive Garden       (225 IH-45 South)       Score: 5

  • Improper cold hold

39. Papa John’s     (2128 Sam Houston Ave. #A)       Score: 0

  • No critical violations observed

40. Pilot Travel Center C Store        (639 SH-75 North)      Score: 7

  • Milk being disposed of inside handsink.  Handsink is for handwashing only.
  • Sanitizer tested too weak

41. Pookie Convenience Store       (901 11th Street)      Score: 3

  • Ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized

42. Rodeo Mexican Bar and Grill     (3011 Hwy 30 West #307)         Score: 19

  • Improper hot hold.
  •  Open employee drink observed on prep table.
  • Children’s Pedialyte stored inside reach-in cooler with ready-to-eat cheese.
  • Chemicals must be stored below or away from all foods and properly labeled with chemical name.
  • Thermometer is needed inside all refrigeration

43. Schwan’s Sales MFU #1      (2047 Teas Nursery Road, Conroe  TX  77304)        Score: 0

  • No critical violations observed.

44. Shenanigan’s      (1548 11th Street #102)          Score: 3

  • One ice machine and two soda guns needs to be cleaned and sanitized

45. Smokin’ Jozee’s    (1024 12th Street)         Score: 3

  • Ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized

46. Sonic Drive In #2     (2705 11th Street)          Score: 3

  • Ice machine and Tea nozzles needs to be cleaned and sanitized

47. Stardust Room, The      ( 1115 University Ave.)        Score: 3

  • Ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized

48. Subway #5     (120 FM 2821 #B)     Score: 10

  • Open employee drinks stored on top of prep table.
  • Chemical spray bottle must be labeled with chemical name.
  • Soda nozzles need to be cleaned and sanitized

49. Summit Christian Academy      (3122 Montgomery Rd)            Score: N/A

  • Play kitchen in room B103 needs to remove metal hinges if doors are not going to be repaired.
  • Chemical spray bottle in room B102 needs to be properly labeled.
  • Restroom handsink not working properly, leak needs to be repaired.
  • Fall prevention is needed underneath swing set.

50. Taqueria Lindo Mexico        (902 11th Street)            Score: 36

  • Improper cooling.
  •  Improper cold hold.
  • Cook must wash hands and change gloves after changing task from raw to ready-toeat foods.
  • Open employee drink stored by ready-to-eat foods and employee cell phone sitting on top of clean dishes.
  • Gloves must be changed and hands washed after changing task.
  • Raw product should be stored below ready-to-eat foods inside front walk-in cooler.
  • Cheesecake taken out of original package and not maintain 32 degrees F must be labeled with 7 day expiration date.
  • Dishwasher and towel sanitizer bucket tested too weak.
  • Can opener and ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

51. Tokyo Grill And Sushi        (2019 Sam Houston Ave)            Score: 6

  • Chemicals must be stored below or away  from ready-to-eat foods.
  • Sanitized tested too strong

52. Tomorrows Promise Montessori School       (2817 Old Houston Rd)       Score: N/A

  • Expired milk, soy milk in nursery bldg. refrig.
  • Expired baby food, rice cereal, and graduate meal in nursery area.
  • Sanitizer tested too strong at the 3 compartment sink and spray bottle.
  • Chemical spray bottle must be labeled with the correct chemical name and Medicine stored improperly inside Nursery refrigerator.
  • Playground area needs to be cleaned and leaves removed.

53. Valero Corner Store #599       (101 FM 980)        Score: 12

  • Open employee drink on top of prep table and employee phone/cigarettes sitting around prep area.
  • Expired Strawberry Milk inside walk-in cooler.
  • Ingredient list/labels are needed for self-serve pastry case.

54. Wal-Mart Bakery          (141 I-45 South)            Score: 4

  • Improper use of a handsink

55. Wal-Mart Grocery/Produce       ( 141 I-45 South)         Score: 3

  • Sanitizer spray bottles tested too weak

56. Wal-Mart Meat Marked & Seawfood       ( 141 I-45 South)    Score: 3

  • Chemical spray bottles must be labeled.
  • Seafood properly with chemical name.

57. Walgreens        (1570 11th Street)              Score: 4

  • Dented cans pulled from display shelf.

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