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Huntsville Restaurant Inspections for April 2016

City of Huntsville’s Routine Health Inspections for April 2016

1. Bayes Achievement Center & Catering                    Score: 0
7517 S. Hwy 75 North

  • No critical violations observed

2. Best Catch Fish & Seafood                                               Score: 5
1798 Hwy 30 East

  • Sanitizer tested too weak
  • Sanitizer test strips are needed to check for appropriate strength.

3. Best Wester of Huntsville                                               Score: 9
201 W. Hill Park Cir

  • Improper cooling
  • Improper cold hold
  • Sanitizer tested too strong

4. Brookshire Bros. – Grocery                                           Score: 3
2601 11th Street

  • Expired product pulled from coolers

5. Children’s House, The                                                    Score: N/A
906 10th Street

  • Gasket from cooler inside building one needs to be cleaned.

6.  NAME NOT LISTED                                                    Score: 8
1433 Veterans Memorial PKWY

  • Improper cold hold
  • 1 inch air gap is need for ice machine
  • Handsink located in dishwashing area blocked and Handsink located by tea pot being used improperly.

7. CVS Pharmacy #2                                                           Score: 3
2421 Sam Houston Ave.

  • Expired baby food pulled from shelf

8. Days Inn & Suites                                                             Score: 10
160 IH-45 South

  • Sanitizer tested too strong
  • Chemical spray bottle with incorrect label
  • Handsink without cold and hot running water
  • Thermometer needed for inside reach-in cooler

9. Farmhouse Café                                                                  Score: 18
1325 University Ave.

  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper hot hold
  • Pies inside reach-in cooler need to be covered properly and rolls/cornbread need to be covered to prevent crosscontamination.
  • Plumbing needs to be repaired from dishwashing machine leading into women’s restroom.
  • 2016 Health Permit needs to be posted for public view
  • Broken lid for deep freezer being used as a food prep counter needs to be replaced.
  • Multiple gnats observed inside kitchen prep area.
  • Clean cutting boards stored on bottom shelf being contaminated and needs to be moved for proper storage and fan inside salad cooler needs to be cleaned to prevent cross-contamination.

10. Five Guys Burgers & Fries                                                  Score: 1
255 IH-45 South #F

  • Thermometer probe needs to be sanitized before placing into different product.

11. Girl’s Softball Concession                                                  Score: 0
161 Kevin Williams Dr.

  • No critical violations observed

12. Girl’s Softball Concession Upper                                  Score: 0
164 Kevin Williams Dr.

  • No critical violations observed

13. Golden Corral                                                                        Score: 12
2050 11th Street

  • Improper cold hold
  • Food needs to be properly covered and pork must be stored above chicken.
  • Broken container of raw chicken needs to be replaced.
  • Plumbing needs to be replaced at handsink by walk-in cooler.

14. Hampton Inn & Suites                                                        Score: 11
120 Ravenwood Village Dr.

  • Improper cold hold
  • Sanitizer is needed before prep begins
  • Plumbing needs to be repaired under 3 compartment sink.
  • Certified Food Manager is needed

15. Head Start                                                                             Score: N/A
125 FM 980

  • Wall paper needs to be repaired inside Lilly and Daisy room.
  • Floors need to be cleaned inside Violet, Daisy, Tulip room and Kitchen.
  • Floors and spider webs need to be cleaned from laundry room and carpet needs to be vacuumed inside Lilly’s room.
  • Droppings observed inside Violet, Lilly and Rose room
  • Bread stored on bottom with raw chicken inside reach-in cooler inside kitchen.

16. Hitchin Post Truck Terminal                                      Score: 6
500 I-45 North

  • Improper hot holding
  • Certified Food Manager is needed
  • Personal items stored improperly inside walk-in cooler.

17. Homestead Restaurant LLC                                        Score: 10
1215 19th Street

  • Improper cold hold
  • Product stored on floor inside walk-in cooler
  • Salad bar cooler cutting board needs to be replaced
  • Employee personal items stored improperly on cutting board.

18. Huntsville Exxon                                                                Score: 8
558 IH-45 South

  • Improper cold hold
  • Expired Lunchables pulled from walk-in cooler
  • Ladies restroom handsink must be provided with soap at all times

19. Huntsville memorial Hospital                                    Score: 3
110 Memorial Hospital Dr.

  • Improper cold hold

20. La Mexicana Taqueria #2                                                Score: 23
269 SH 75 North #B&C

  • Improper cold hold
  • Improper hot hold
  • All chemicals must be stored and labeled properly
  • Certified Food Manager is needed and also person in charge while manager is not available.
  • No hot water available at handsink inside meat market.
  • Queso individually packaged out for self serve must be provided with labels.
  • Allergen labels must be provided for self packed queso
  • Handsink inside meat market must be provided with paper towels at all times.
  • Employee personal items must be stored below or away from all food and food prep areas.
  • Air vent leaking on/by cactus. Needs to be repaired,To hot inside establishment.  mployee sweating and equipment putting off heat and working hard to keep product at proper temperature and
  • Whole in wall in Meat Market area where storing of single use articles.
  • Chicken being thawed improperly.
  • Dried containers of beans and rice must be provided with labels.

21. McDonald’s #1                                                                Score: 12
2719 11th Street

  • Improper cold hold
  • 4 hour time sticker must be available for product stored at room temperature.
  • Sanitizer tested too strong and coffee containers need to be cleaned every 24 hours.
  • Cold water spigot not working properly at handsink near office.
  • Personal drinks stored inside cooler #5 improperly.

22. Mr. Hamburger                                                               Score: 4
918 11th Street

  • Thermometer is needed in dessert cooler
  • Gnats observed by soda machine located by drive-thru
  • Plastic bins must be labeled.

23. Pilot Travel Center C Store                                          Score: 0
639 State Hwy 75 North

  • No critical violations observed

24. S.H.S.U. Bakery                                                                Score: 0
1721 Ave. J

  • No critical violations observed

25. S.H.S.U. Moe’s Southwest Grill                                Score: 9
2008 Ave. J

  • Improper hot holding
  • Soda nozzles need to be cleaned and clean dishes stored on drying shelf needs to be re-washed and sanitized.
  • Bucket sanitizer stored on top of prep table.

26. S.H.S.U. Old Main Market                                               Score: 10
1001 Bearkat Blvd

  • Can opener needs to be cleaned every 24 hours and improper storage of ice scoop.
  • Chemical spray bottles stored improperly
  • Container of cut watermelon with incorrect date sticker.
  • Data plates not showing readings for dishwasher.

27. S.H.S.U Starbucks Coffee                                              Score: 3
2008 Ave. J

  • Improper cold hold

28. Soul Food Train/Roxie Douglas                                Score: 3
100 S. Sam Houston Ave.

  • Chemical spray bottle needs to be provided with label.

29. Subway #1                                                                             Score: 2
1621 Sam Houston

  • Soap must be provided at handsink at all times

30. Subway #2                                                                           Score: 10
3011 W. Hwy 30 #101A

  • Improper cold hold
  • Ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized
  • Handsink is used for handwashing only, not approved for dumping.
  • Broken containers need to be replaced.

31. Subway #3                                                                              Score: 5
901 11th Street

  • Clean dishes stored under soap dispenser and  cross-contamination is possiable.
  • No person in charge while inspection was being conducted.

32. West Hill Exxon                                                                  Score: 8
115-45 North

  • Expired milk pulled from walk-in cooler
  • Sanitizer tested too weak and both ice machines needs to be cleaned and sanitized.
  • 2016 Health Permit must be posted for public view.
  • Handsink must have hot water available, minimum of 100 degrees.

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