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Fraud Alert: Double Check All State Purchase Orders

The Texas Comptroller’s has been notified of several instances of fraudulent purchase orders being distributed to vendors, unbeknownst to the “issuing” state agency.

The fraudulent orders appear to utilize a screen capture of an actual agency purchase order taken from the agency’s website with slight variations made to actual staff email addresses. The orders also contain a delivery address that is controlled by the perpetrator, not the agency. The purchase orders contain hyphens (-) rather than periods (.) in the email address extensions. In addition, some of the delivery addresses appear to be to personal residences, apartments or warehouses. So far, all fraudulent purchase orders have contained IT-related commodity items.

Example of fraudulent email address:

What You Can Do

  • Please notify all relevant procurement, contracting, accounting and budget staff, as well as CFOs, to be cautious of any such purchase orders.
  • If you have any question regarding the authenticity of a purchase order, contact the agency that appears to have issued it.
Information provided by Texas Comptroller’s Office

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