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Financial Guides for Veterans and Active Members of the Military

The Texas State Securities Board’s ongoing commitment to the military is reflected in two guides that can help veterans and active members of the military make informed, confident financial decisions.

The Veterans Handbook: Tactics for Civilian Life and A Salute to Smart Investing – provide veterans, active military, and their families the tools they need to achieve financial security and avoid investment fraud that specifically targets the military.

The Veterans Handbook is intended to assist veterans in identifying the professional, financial, and personal choices that come with a shift to a civilian career. Topics include:

  • Building a short-term emergency fund and setting long-term goals in saving and investing;
  • The different strategies for saving for retirement;
  • Avoiding financial problems that arise from investment fraud and pension-related scams;
  • Details of the post-9/11 GI Bill; and
  • Identifying the appropriate life and health insurance for you and your family.

The Salute to Smart Investing covers investment “basic training,” which includes budgeting, saving, and credit; the basics of saving and investing; balancing risk and reward in investing; retirement planning; and recognizing inappropriate investments.

The State Securities Board’s Investor Education program has a dedicated section that highlights the best financial resources from the military, securities regulators, and nonprofits.

Both guides are available online and in print. To request print copies, contact Robert Elder, Communications and Investor Education Coordinator, at relder@ssb.texas.gov. Multiple copies are available in limited quantities.

Information and photo courtesy of Texas State Securities Board.

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