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$471,650 in Grant Funds Available for Prescribed Burning

Some Texas landowners may be eligible for funding to help with prescribed burning costs on private lands. 


Now through Sept. 28, 2018, Texas A&M Forest Service is accepting grant applications to cover prescribed fire costs for private landowners that use professional prescribed fire services.


“Since 2006, Texas A&M Forest Service has offered several types of grants to offset up to 100 percent of costs for prescribed burning on private land,” said Andy McCrady, Fuels Coordinator II with Texas A&M Forest Service.

“Eligible landowners can apply if they are willing to strategically plan the burn using a certified and insured burn manager.”


Prescribed fire is an effective and controlled method to reduce wildfire risk by eliminating brush, weeds, dried vegetation and downed trees. Benefits from prescribed fire include wildlife habitat improvement, seed and plant regeneration, reduction of invasive plants, and restoration of soil nutrients.


“This year landowners can complete the application entirely online,” said McCrady. “Texas A&M Forest Service continues to look for ways to improve our grant programs and improve service delivery. We hope landowners will take advantage of the new online application process and the increase in available funds.”


A total of $316,449 of Community Protection Program-Prescribed Fire Grant funding is available for property owners within 10 miles of a National Forest in East Texas.


A total of $54,000 in National Fire Plan-Prescribed Fire Grants is available to 33 eligible counties with a city- or county-wide Community Wildfire Protection Plan.


A total of $101,201 is available through the Neches River and Cypress Basin Watershed Restoration Program-Prescribed Fire Grant for prescribed burning in priority East Texas watersheds. Treatments will help improve water supply and quality, control invasive species and enhance wildlife habitat by restoring ecosystem function.


This year up to $50,000 is available through the Texas Longleaf Conservation Assistance Program-Prescribed Fire Grant for burn treatments on private land in East Texas to enhance longleaf pine ecosystems.


Texas A&M Forest Service does not conduct the prescribed burns. Grant recipients will select a certified and insured prescribed burn manager to reimburse costs from $15 to $30 per acre, depending on program eligibility.


Application deadline is Friday, September 28, 2018Please apply online at http://texasforestservice.tamu.edu/cppgrant/or print, complete and mail a hard copy to:


Texas A&M Forest Service
Mitigation & Prevention Department
2127 S. First Street, Lufkin, Texas 75901
Attn: Fuels Coordinator


Learn more by visiting the Prescribed Burning Board

Information courtesy of Texas A&M Forest Service

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  1. George H. Russell

    Typical of programs that would cost more to administer than they are worth. Our burn team is the best and most professional in Texas but we would be forced to hire less competent companies to conduct burns on our extremely sensitive rare botanical preserves. At first I wanted to apply and then when I saw the absurd rules it would have been a disaster. I have looked into various Fed programs and each and every one was a total joke and nonsense.

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