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Walker County Clerk’s Office Gets Software Upgrade

Bringing cloud-based records system to courthouse

Walker County this week became the 15th County Clerk’s office in the State of Texas to deploy the next generation in Records Management software.  This is a major step forward for Walker County and recognizes County Clerk Kari A. French as one of the state’s leading innovators in technology for County government.

Vanguard was developed by Kofile Technologies of Dallas, Texas.  Kofile designed this total-cloud offering to bring local governments into the digital age.  According to CEO Michael Crosno, “We’ve spent many years developing our proprietary cloud system. We designed this next-level technology to make documents and data accessible anytime and anywhere. Our goal is to reduce overall tech costs associated with hardware, software and human capital and ensure government continuity during a crisis or natural disaster.  This makes Kofile not only an intelligent solution to agency needs, but a responsible one.”

The Walker County Clerk records about 17,500 documents each year, including Official Public Records including Deeds and Plats, Marriage Licenses, Birth and Death Certificates and Assumed Names (DBA’s).

Walker County Clerk, Kari French stated “I look forward to working together with all of you, on our new system and with our new search tools; as we advance Walker County into the future of document recording services. We are also excited to announce that in the spring of 2019 our title companies will be able to submit their documents electronically.”


New Features and advantages the Vanguard system will provide the Walker County Clerk’s office and the general public include:


Records back up and disaster recovery.

Records filed are backed up instantaneously, eliminating any possible gaps. All functionality could be moved to any location where the internet is accessible to continue with business.

Records searching and availability by remote users.

All public records will be available remotely and can be accessed by any computer with any browser. Vanguard provides full support for smart phone, tablet and other hand-held devices. They also provide a more user friendly “Google” type search capability making it much easier for the infrequent user to find the documents they are needing. Besides searching a general name index as done currently, they will be able to search the content of documents for certain names, addresses, legal descriptions and so on.

Faster and more efficient records requests and filing.

The Vanguard system will provide frequent document filers with the ability to file documents electronically (E-recording). Also, the public will be able to submit requests for birth/death certificates and marriage licenses on line from home, directly from the County Clerk’s home page.

In addition to the Vanguard system, The Walker County Clerk’s office is excited to announce that with the help of Kofile, they will be adding over 30 years of official public records to the system allowing searches of records back to 1960, with complete indexes and images.

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