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TDCJ Hurricane Harvey Update

TDCJ released the following update regarding operations following Hurricane Harvey:


Offenders from the Ramsey, Stringfellow, and Terrell units remain housed at other facilities. All three units have been cleared for repopulation pending clean-up, except that the Terrell unit trusty camp will require repairs prior to repopulation.

The city of Beaumont has restored water service, however, samples must be tested before the water can be consumed. TDCJ continues to replenish water supplies at the Beaumont units to provide potable water and as a precaution in the event of intermittent service interruptions.

All units impacted, to include those affected by flooding and those housing offenders from the evacuated units, continue to receive the services and staffing necessary to maintain operations. Food, water, ice and essentials are being monitored and replenished as necessary.

All district parole offices have resumed operations.

Several contract residential facilities serving parolees and probationers that were evacuated have since reopened. Offenders housed in residential facilities not yet repopulated have been released to home plans or are temporarily housed at TDCJ facilities.

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