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Jim McIngvale to Speak at SHSU

by SHSU staff

Sam Houston State University offers a unique opportunity to hear from an esteemed entrepreneur whose commitment to the Houston area community has made him known as a “hometown hero.” The university’s Entrepreneurship Program hosts Jim McIngvale as the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence to share his story with the Huntsville community on Oct. 22.

As owner operator of the Gallery Furniture retail chain, McIngvale – also known as Mattress Mack – is a “rags to riches” marketer extraordinaire. His story includes a philosophy to success that can be understood and used by people in all walks of life. With sales of $150 million per year, McIngvale has turned an ordinary company into an all-American success story and also earned a reputation as a generous civic contributor.

“We can think of no reater example for our students who want to be leaders in business than Jim McIngvale,” SHSU President Dana Hoyt said. “In particular, we greatly appreciate, and emphasize to our students, that successful entrepreneurs view serving and giving back to their community as a major mission.  He has ‘walked the walk’ in that regard with countless efforts to give back to the Houston community and beyond.”

The SHSU Entrepreneurship Program promotes entrepreneurship, free enterprise and a capitalist market economy. Providing opportunities to share inspiring stories of business success, the program invites Entrepreneurs-in-Residence to speak to the campus community. The program began in 2003 and SHSU offered its first major in entrepreneurship in 2012. Today, more than 90 students are entrepreneurship majors, with another 50 participating in the minor program, which is now open to any student in each of the seven colleges.

Chip Matthews, associate professor in the College of Business Administration, explained that no matter your degree plan, every student can benefit from having an entrepreneurial influence in their career.

“The idea is no matter your major, you can find a need,” Matthews said. “If you are a dance, theatre or photography major, and want to start your own studio, or if you are a criminal justice major and want to start a detective agency, this program is for you. Anyone who has found a need, found a way to meet that need and wants to build up something that delivers a solution is an entrepreneur.”

Taking place at 9:45 a.m. on Oct. 22 in the James and Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center, the event is free and open to the public.


The Entrepreneur-in-Residence event is sponsored by: College of Business Administration, College of Criminal Justice, College of Education, College of Fine Arts & Mass Communication, College of Health Sciences, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, College of Science & Engineering Technology and College of Osteopathic Medicine (Applicant Status-Seeking Accreditation)

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