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Governor Abbott Proclaims Feb 2nd Texas Military Heroes Day

Texas has a long history of brave men and women who have taken a stand against tyranny and selflessly fought for our freedom and liberty.  From the days of the Texas Revolution and our Republic to the current struggles the United States faces at home and abroad, Texans have answered the call to duty and made a name for themselves as the utmost defenders of liberty.

Generations have learned the names of famous men that have sacrificed much on behalf of Texas:  Travis, Bowie, Crockett and the brave defenders of the Alamo; Fannin and his massacred men at Goliad; Houston and the victors at San Jacinto.  In modern times, Texans have again proven to be invaluable on the battlefield.  During World War II, Audie Murphy displayed a rare and magnificent feat of heroism as he solely took on a squad of Germans, sustaining serious injuries while allowing time for his men to retreat.  For his actions, he earned the Medal of Honor.  In more recent memory, we celebrated this day last year as Chris Kyle Day.  Widely known as the United States military’s most prolific sniper, Chief Petty Officer Kyle’s legacy is so much more than marksmanship.  He was called on every day to make life-and-death decisions on too many battlefields to count, sacrificing comfort and safety to fight for our country and save lives at home and abroad.  From his Texas roots to the front lines on which he served, his loyalty to our flag and commitment to liberty and justice for all stands as a shining beacon to this generation and the next.

However, for all those mentioned, there are scores whose names are unrecognized and have quietly done their duty, encourage all Texans to recognize and honor those who serving Texas and the United States faithfully. Today, and from every February 2 hereafter, we will honor all who have sacrificed and served on behalf of the Lone Star State.  No matter the battle, no matter the job, they deserve our thanks.  At this time, I encourage all Texans to recognize and honor those who have secured our freedom throughout the generations and those who are defending it still. Therefore, I, Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, do hereby proclaim February 2 to be Texas Military Heroes Day.



Information provided by Office of the Governor

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