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City of Huntsville Announces New Paid Parking App

App will go live on Thursday

The City of Huntsville is unveiling a new paid parking app, ParkMobile, which they plan to take live Thursday, September 6, 2018. Students and visitors may find that paying for a location will be more familiar, as Sam Houston State University has been using the same provider for their paid parking spaces.

City Manager Aron Kulhavy said the change in service will mean significantly lower fees charged to the City, saving taxpayers money.

“Staff has worked diligently to make the change happen as seamlessly as possible,” said Kulhavy. “It is our hope that customers will feel familiar with ParkMobile and that it will make each user transition a happier experience.”

City paid parking locations include spaces along Bobby K. Marks Drive, Bearkat Boulevard, University Avenue from 14th Street to 17th Street, 15th Street from University Avenue to Avenue I, and Avenue I from 15th Street to 16th Street. Violation enforcement will be effective beginning Thursday. Paid spaces were first installed by the City in August 2016 using a MobileNow! app.

ParkMobile is free to download to any smart device in the Google Play or Apple store. Users can sign up to create an account for quick easy parking. Drivers without access may call 1-877-727-5953. Each location will have a zone number. Alerts can be sent to email and/or phones when allotted time is about to expire, and more time can be purchased using the app.

Paid parking enforcement will be done by the Huntsville Police Department. For more information, contact the City’s Finance Department at 936-291-5419 or HPD at 936-291-5480.

Information and photo courtesy of City of Huntsville.

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  1. The paid parking is nothing more than orchestrated harassment against college students and against our Museum District promoted by the hate-filled plumber on Council.

    Our Mayor is a silly and brain-dead puppet of the Gibbs Mafia that hates me for promoting ethics in government.

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