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Huntsville ISD Responds to State Ratings

Statement regarding State Accountability Ratings from Dr. Howell Wright, Huntsville ISD Superintendent of Education

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) today released the 2016 state accountability ratings for more than 1,200 school districts and charters, as well as the more than 8,600 campuses statewide.

Districts, campuses and charters receive one of three ratings under the Texas accountability system: Met Standard, Met Alternative Standard, or Improvement Required. We are extremely proud of our students and staff on the overall performance on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) assessments. We thank everyone for their hard work and commitment.

These assessments provide us with a baseline for continued improvement toward our goals of providing a 21st century education, and help us meet our district’s vision where all students thrive as lifelong learners and global citizens prepared for the futures they create. We are also delighted with the work of the students, staff, and parents of Huntsville Intermediate School as they Met

Standard and have made the strides to move the school out of the Improvement Required rating. Huntsville High School, Mance Park Middle School, Huntsville Elementary School, and Stewart Elementary School also hit Texas Accountability targets to be rated as Met Standard.

Samuel Walker Houston and Scott Johnson Elementary Schools did not meet accountability ratings expectations and are rated Improvement Required. These campuses and the district will work hand in hand to develop a continuous improvement plan for each campus to meet the needs of our students.

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