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Huntsville ISD Board Approves Administrative Hires

by HISD staff

New Huntsville ISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Sheppard presented two administrative recommendations to the Board of Trustees for consideration during their regular monthly meeting on February 15. The Board approved both recommendations to hire by unanimous vote. Mr. Marcus D. Forney was approved as the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction and Mr. Joshua D. Campbell as the new principal for Mance Park Middle School.

Mr. Forney currently serves as Executive Director for Campus Administrative Support for Katy ISD. He will be joining Huntsville ISD in March with over two decades of instructional, administrative and leadership experience in urban and suburban settings. A proven successful educator, Forney has the strong ability to inspire, motivate, and facilitate change. As a rookie principal in Fort Worth ISD, he strategically led his first campus from academically acceptable to recognized status. He served as an effective principal in Fort Worth ISD, Dallas ISD, DeSoto ISD and Katy ISD at both the elementary and middle school levels. Student and teacher performance improved in each district and on each campus where he served. His leadership experiences have allowed him to assist other principals in reaching their potential as effective leaders as well. Through his work with the Texas Principal Excellence Program, he successfully mentored and coached principals across the state who were serving on Academically Unacceptable campuses. He helped all of these clients grow in their leadership capacity resulting in their campuses being removed from the academically unacceptable status list. His knowledge and expertise as a school turn around leader for multiple districts will benefit us greatly. His ability to reach students who seem unreachable and work with faculty to create change will result in positive impact for Huntsville ISD. Empowering faculty, establishing supportive relationships, eradicating major discipline issues, helping to create teacher leaders, and fostering an environment of increased parental involvement and community support will be some of the things we can look forward to under his leadership to help turn Huntsville ISD into the exemplary district we desire it to be.

Mr. Campbell was hired to be the new principal for Mance Park Middle School. With 17 total years in education, Campbell currently serves as the Director for Student Services for Cypress-Fairbanks ISD where one of his responsibilities is training campus administrators in effective discipline management. Prior to this position, he served as Coordinator for Staff Development for the district. His professional experiences consist of assistant principal at an at-risk middle school, district administrator, and teacher leader. Campbell is a firm believer that every school district, its staff, its children, and their parents deserve the best education experience. With a strong background in educational leadership, he has a high standard for learning and believes that in order to ask others to become exceptional, he must also live by that same standard. He knows that teacher effectiveness is the most influential determining factor to student success. Utilizing performance data to determine the most appropriate instructional resources and materials he will support teachers in reaching campus performance objectives. As a middle school administrator, he established a culture of positive behavior supports and an effective discipline management system through collaboration with staff and community members. His strong instructional background along with expertise in staff development and leadership in effective discipline management, make him the perfect fit for Mance Park Middle School. Campbell is expected to join the Huntsville ISD staff in March.

Dr. Scott Sheppard expressed, “We are excited to attract such talent to serve the Huntsville community. We looked closely at staff and parent feedback in selecting the principal for Mance Park Middle School. Mr. Campbell matches the needs of our school. Mr. Forney brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of building systems and processes that lead to success. We look forward to having both of these outstanding educators join the Hornet Team.”


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