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Huntsville Intermediate Repairs Planned

Normal District Operations to Resume Tuesday & Important Campus Concern

by Huntsville ISD staff

Huntsville ISD recently became aware of the presence of mold in specific areas of the Huntsville Intermediate School campus. The district’s Maintenance & Operations Department routinely performs an inspection of each campus and facility following severe weather to check for structural or water damage especially after significant wind and/or rain. Last week, minor water damage was found all across the district after the hurricane and inclement weather but was easily dried and cleaned up without issue. However, upon inspection at Huntsville Intermediate School, an apparent leak and water damage was found. During that repair and clean-up process the mold was discovered. The mold is the same mold you would find outdoors.  While students and staff are not in any danger, the district is not taking any chances and is exercising every precaution.

Huntsville ISD’s top priority is always the welfare and safety of our students and staff. Currently, the affected areas have already been sealed off and access is CLOSED to students and staff. This impacts several hallway sections and a total of 9 classrooms. The district has contracted vendors who will perform the professional remediation process to clean and remove the mold through their specific cleaning methods to treat this type of situation. Students and staff in those affected classrooms will be relocated to other classrooms in other parts of the campus away from the areas to help ensure their safety while the issue is resolved. It is unknown at this time exactly how long the remediation process will take.

A notification was sent out to all district parents and employees Sunday evening using the parent notification system to inform everyone about the issue. The district will work with the Intermediate School principal to help keep the campus staff, students, and parents updated with the process as needed. The district regularly tests the air quality at all campuses and is committed to continuing to do so on a routine and frequent basis.

A resource link about mold remediation will be added to the district website this week for anyone wanting to learn more about the special process. Please feel free to contact District Administration at 936-435-6300, if you have any questions or concerns.

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  1. The mold is NOT a problem. Typical stupidity in order to scare folks and waste tax dollars.
    Ignorance can be fixed but Stupidity is forever.

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