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HISD Launches “Incident Reporter” on District Website

Message from Dr. Howell Wright, HISD Superintendent of Education About Incident Reporting and Resources

Huntsville ISD is committed to ensuring that our schools are safe and we want to inform all parents, students, staff members, and stakeholders that the district website has many helpful tools and resources available to help keep you informed and engaged with the district. A feature that was recently added is the online Incident Reporter system. The Incident Reporter page can be found on the district website under the District tab and as a hyperlink on each campus homepage. The page is full of valuable safety content including what is prohibited per district policy, definitions of what constitutes harassment and bullying per the Education code, and a list of other helpful resource links.

The online Incident Reporter form allows for anyone to submit a report to alert administration of any concerning incident and/or safety issue. Of course, anyone can make a report to any district staff member at any time either in person, by phone, in writing, or via email; however, this online reporting tool sends an immediate notification directly to the campus administrator and to district administration. This swift method of reporting allows administration to become aware of any issue immediately and initiate an investigation into the matter if warranted. It’s important for all stakeholders to know of this system and to understand district expectations.

Your assistance to help inform us of situations that are safety related is helpful and necessary. By reporting concerns in a timely and appropriate manner we are confident that working together we can all help ensure our schools are safe and secure learning environments. Thank you for your help.

Information provided by Huntsville ISD

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