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HISD Announces Leadership Change for Huntsville Intermediate School

After spending the past three months carefully reviewing and observing the operations and leadership of the district, Huntsville ISD Interim Superintendent Fred Rush and his Interim Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction Linda Daniel are confident in the recent changes they have made to help reorganize central office administration to better align leader roles and responsibilities. This has resulted in reassignment of some duties and resources to help ensure efficiency and success of the district moving forward.

Additionally, their review has led to the decision that a brand new direction is needed for the future of the campus of Huntsville Intermediate School. That direction includes an immediate change in vision and leadership. Mr. Tim Maresch has been reassigned from the principal role to central office where he is assuming other administrative duties. Beloved educator and veteran Huntsville ISD administrator Beth Burt has agreed to return as the principal to help lead that campus to excellence. Burt retired from the district in the spring of 2016, after 37 years of dedicated service in education. With a proven track record as a successful school administrator, she has served as the principal of Huntsville High School, Mance Park Middle School, Huntsville Intermediate School, Huntsville Elementary, and Scott Johnson Elementary, as well as the Director of Human Resources. She brought 15 years of valuable K-12 teaching and leadership experience with her when she originally joined the district back in 1994. She is very personable and relates well with teachers, students, and parents alike. She has always been very well respected and loved by all. Her positive approaches to instruction and discipline have been effective at all grade levels. Burt has always put the needs of student first, and she guides her actions and decisions by what is in their best interest. With her history of high expectations and success, the district is excited to announce her return as principal.

Information courtesy of HISD

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  1. sounds like a good thing and a step in the right direction

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