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HISD Announces Assistant Principal Changes for 2016-2017

Huntsville ISD announces more administrative changes this week to help ensure that campus administrative teams have the necessary support in place in preparation of the new 2016-2017 school year. The internal changes involved the transferring of several assistant principals within the district from one campus to another. The moves were all based on the consideration of previous instruction and administrative experience, knowledge and expertise in grade and content areas as well as to provide some opportunities for desired professional growth.

Albert Archuleta will move from an assistant principal position at Huntsville Intermediate School over to Scott Johnson Elementary School to fill an additional assistant principal position there. Scott Johnson campus currently has the largest enrollment out of the four elementary campuses and the added support will be beneficial. Along with his elementary teaching and campus leadership experience, Mr. Archuleta will also provide great support for the Bilingual/ELL program for the campus.

Amber Rodriguez will transition from the assistant principal position at Gibbs PreKindergarten Center over to Huntsville Intermediate School to fill Archuleta’s spot. Her previous teaching experience coupled with her expertise as both campus principal and assistant principal will certainly provide exceptional support and leadership for the campus. Joined with the new campus principal, Mr. Tim Maresh, the entire administrative team of Huntsville Intermediate School will work diligently this next school year to help support the faculty in the implementation of the recently developed school improvement plan while providing the necessary guidance for that effort.

Christell Marshall, another assistant principal at Huntsville Intermediate will be switching roles with Rodriguez at Gibbs PreKindergarten Center. Ms. Marshall joined the district in 2013 as an assistant principal at the former Excel Program and then for Mance Park Middle School after that. Her campus leadership experience will be of great value and assistance to both the prekindergarten and PPCD programs at Gibbs.

Finally, Shawn Dunbar, an assistant principal at Mance Park Middle School, will be moving over to Huntsville Elementary to fill the recent vacancy there. Mr. Dunbar has been an assistant principal at Mance Park since 2012, and will bring his knowledge and expertise in campus leadership to help support Huntsville Elementary’s new principal, Mrs. Amanda Everton. They will work closely to propel the campus forward to success in the coming year. Prior to joining administration, Mr. Dunbar was a classroom teacher and coach at the secondary level.

All of the changes announced this week will support the vision and goals of the district and the current five-year plan. Dr. Howell Wright, Superintendent of Education for Huntsville ISD, believes the administrative moves will prove to be positive ones that will help the district continue moving in the right direction and closer to becoming the high-performing organization it desires to be.

Information provided by Huntsville I.S.D.

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