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Atlantic Housing Foundation Awards $127,000 in Scholarships to SHSU Students for Fall 2016

Awards $400,000 in total scholarships for Fall 2016

Atlantic Housing Foundation, Inc. (AHF) announced the award of 23 academic and
housing scholarships, representing $400,000 in awards for the Fall of 2016.

Michael Nguyen, AHF’s President and CEO, feels that these biannual scholarship awards are instrumental to the organization’s mission of Making a Difference in the lives of low income families and breaking the cycle of poverty through education.
“We would like to congratulate our scholarship recipients and applaud them for their continued dedication in pursuit of higher education. Access to quality affordable housing and positive educational outcomes go hand in hand. Through academic and housing scholarships, these deserving students will be better equipped to improve
their lives and ultimately make a greater impact in their communities,” Nguyen stated. Dan French, AHF’s Chairman and Founder added, “Higher education is an essential part of improving quality of life, as well as promoting personal growth and  advancement, and we are very excited to award these capable students with
financial assistance in pursuing their dreams.”

Atlantic Housing Foundation has awarded the following recipients:

Academic Scholarship Recipients ($12,000)

  • Mikayla Helman of Columbia, SC – Midlands Technical College
  • Cheryl Ferguson of Houston, TX – Washington Jefferson College
  • Thomas Jarvis of Columbia, SC – East Coast Polytechnic Institute University
  • Bettina Thomas of Columbia, SC – University of South Carolina
  • Adrian Hernandez of Dallas, TX – Texas Tech University
  • Cinthia Ortiz of Fort Worth, TX – University of North Texas
  • Joshua Adebayo of Lewisville, TX – Texas State University
  • Jose Salinas of Alvin, TX – Sam Houston State University
  • Luis Lozano of Mission, TX – Texas State University
  • Tyla Watts of Lincolnville, SC – College of Charleston

University of North Texas Housing Scholarship ($25,000)

  • Patrick Smith of Dallas, TX – University of North Texas
  • Edwin Sepulveda of Garland, TX – University of North Texas
  • Eduardo Espinoza of Dallas, TX – University of North Texas

Sam Houston State University Housing Scholarship ($23,000)

  • Marcie Marroquin of Dallas, TX – Sam Houston State University
  • Grace MacJones of Ashburn, VA – Sam Houston State University
  • Shemiah Swanson of Waxahachie, TX – Sam Houston State University
  • Kaylan House of Mesquite, TX – Sam Houston State University
  • Desiree Aguirre of Brookshire, TX – Sam Houston State University

Texas State University Housing Scholarship ($22,500)

  • Mykala Castille of Austin, TX – Texas State University
  • Titus Moten of Pearland, TX – Texas State University

Sharon Murphy Excellence in Education Scholarship ($20,000)

  • Lauren Daniels of Irving, TX – University of Texas at Arlington

Sharon Whaley Scholarship for Educators ($20,000)

  • Sydney-Marrie Valentine-Parris of Lewisville, TX

Bart Marantz Legacy Scholarship ($12,000)

  • Troy James Edward Nalls, II of Dallas, TX – University of the Arts (Philadelphia, PA)

Atlantic Housing Foundation, founded in 1999, is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to develop and preserve quality affordable housing and related services for low and moderate income families, helping residents improve their lives. Atlantic Housing Foundation is committed to helping their residents by providing services that foster a sense of community, improve quality of life and promote personal growth and
advancement. Since 2006, AHF has provided over $4.3 million in scholarships to more than 215 young men and women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Information provided by Atlantic Housing Foundation, Inc.

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